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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Prague. Romantic.

These pictures were taken at the Prague castle, the largest castle in the whole world.

Prague Castle windows

I think they were cool ...

First bus ride

Not really really first one, but first one she was out of the stroller (she took one before but she was sleeping) She did good ! She wanted to see everything inside and outside. I mastered the bus riding with the stroller already, you must wave the driver as a sign you want to board and then ring the bell twice when leaving. And although most buses are accessible, there is always someone who wants to help you.

Here, we are going to the Prague Castle see the Nativity scene in Loretanske square.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Prague

I took some nice pictures, I just played with my camera and they are very pretty.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning I met with one of my best friends who had a baby on my Birthday, yay ! We went for a walk with a group of other friends. It was lovely. A wheel from my stroller took off at one point but there are three more... wait, we actually fixed that, well, not me, but my friend, as you do need all four. I would never be able to go with my canadian stroller for a walk like this, but my czech one did a great job. Oh and yes, that second picture is babies having lunch. All ready in like no time (you can't do that with a bottle lol) and little munchkins munching on milk in the middle of the snowy cold forrest like if they don't care (they didn't) And I took my first bus ride on my own ever and managed. Things changed, the small bus we were on took 4 strollers. I don't remember they did it before, and they definitely don't do it in Canada (the most I've seen was 2)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here in Prague, everyone goes for a walk all the time and most people use transit. Such as, the strollers here are amazing ! They don't seem to have the travel systems (as most don't need such a thing) but they have a very comfy strollers to sit with an option to add basket-like soft bed. It looks so cozy ! I wish I had one of those. I'm looking for an umbrella-like stroller (just little better) to bring home with me. My mom wants to buy us one.

We went for a walk twice already. First to the store (it's a new place, like a mall setting with Tesco, well not new, it was here last time when I visited) It was the very second day and it was still real cold. I felt like we are in Siberia (twighlight, cold, the russian style highrises they used to build in the burbs, totally looked like Russia) I liked it.

The next day we went for another walk, past my elementary school to check the strollers. It was still cold but sunny. Baby Moesha likes riding in her new stroller (this one is not coming with us but it's awesome, it has the air tires and rocks naturally so baby rides in style and its so cozy cause there are no straps in those beds) The one on the pictures came from Poland and it's a typical stroller people here used to have. The most typical stroller I see now is a jogger-like one. I will post a picture if I find one later.

The cat and I

Wait !! You forgot your CAT in here !!!

WT*, a baby?


I'm outta here !!!

Waiting in London

So we had few hours in London. Less then expected as the flight was late and I was the last one off the flight. I didn't get to borrow the stroller or a buggie, so I had to carry everything (I had the sling though) I spent about an hour in the nursing station repacking my bag and when I got out, baby fell asleep in my arms swaddled. I walked around looking for a spot to put her down and some nice people gave me their foot rest:

Needles to say, she seemed to be the cutest thing around cause everyone was smiling and wanted to see. She slept for about an hour and when she woke up, she was ready for her next adventure:

Rolling over ! At 6 months sharp, baby Moesha started rolling over every single time when on tummy time. Everyone was turning around (especially after I pulled out the Santa hat) Two girls who I thought they may be from Boston (turns out they were cause I asked and funny, they were on the way from Prague!!) were taking pictures. Normally I would freak out but I didn't mind. They were really nice.

Even Santa flew all the way from the North Pole on British Airways to wish her Merry Christmas and take pictures with her in front of the bathrooms.

The flight to Prague wasn't that long. It was just a bit boring. When we were landing, they told us it's 14 below zero and snowing. Nice ! I didn't check so I had no idea. Two couples were helping me off the plane and only then I realized there was no way I could manage all by myself with all that luggage (I had three huge ones, two small carry ons, baby and a car seat) I had to take two carts.

Turns out my mom knew all the time I am coming. Apparently I forwarded her an email back in September I was sending to my friend Petra regarding bringing some stuff over when she was visiting. Somewhere in there I wrote her not to worry too much as I am coming over for Christmas and take the stuff myself. Few emails later I sent everything to my mom. Silly me, so much for the surprises !! And I planned everything so carefully and then I make such a silly mistake, lol !

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our trip to Prague: Flight to London

Note to my new readers: Just so you know, we are known as Molly and baby Moesha on this blog (our internet nicknames)

We made it to Prague ! I got a nasty cold just a day before departure. Nice. I have to tell you, it's awesome to fly with a stuffed nose, especially the landing is particularly delicious. Baby Moesha did great ! The flight was about an hour late, but it was ok since we had 5 hours in London. I got the baby basinet for her and sat next to a nice man from Saudi Arabia travelling to Jeddah. HIs trip was also a surprise (hopefully better kept then mine as it turned out later) and he is flying back the same time. I grew to trust him so much that when I went to the bathroom the second time (good job, btw for me, only twice), he kept an eye on her. Baby was fussy the first hour, but then she fell asleep (unswaddled, upon popular advice, thanks, btw)

20 minutes later she was up and screaming. Two minutes later she was swaddled and sleeping soundly (she is tied both in the harness and her swaddling blanket):

She woke up once more about 4 hours into flight and screamed. The flight attendant thought she had a nightmare. She wouldn't calm down but I nursed her and she fell asleep again (swaddled)

The plane was big but they wouldn't complimentary upgrade us to a business class. J***s !!

At the airport, one of our pilots took both of my bags and helped me all the way from our plane to the main terminal. We had to take a train ! I don't think I would manage, I had so much stuff and no stroller. And I couldn't rent one there even though I was told I can and they had no buggies for the luggage. And I had to drink from her bottle in front of the security !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recycled mittens

Today I want to show you recycled mittens from my Etsy store. They are still available for sale, but unless you purchase them by Friday 10 AM PST, they will be shipped in middle of January. All Etsy sales are helping us with the baby adoption

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's coming from Kolin?

I see that I have visitors from Kolin. Who are you, can you leave me a comment? I am courious ...

Sure, run everyone over ...

That's what I heard on Monday in Babies R Us. This is what happened:

I was walking with my jogger in the store. There was a guy waiting for the price check. He was standing in the middle of the aisle in between the boxes. His daughter was running around between the toys and when she saw me and my stroller approaching, she walked towards her father to get out of my way. I didn't even have to say "excuse me" (you know, Im very polite in general)

I walked by and everything seemed fine. Until the guy called at me: "Sure, run everyone over with your stroller ! Merry Christmas !!"

He was not even in my way and I was not in his! I don't know, is it just me, attracting these kind of weirdos and situations? He sure made my day.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going to Bethlehem

Saturday, we went to Bethlehem. See, this is how it all happened: Me and baby Moesha went to sell chocolate at Jingleblades for my skating team fundraising. Then, we were invited to my inlaws for dinner. We had three hours in between so we went to White Rock. Originally I wanted to go to the Mall there, but we ended up walking around White Rock in the rain. Much better, trust me, and much cheaper, trust me on that one too.

Then, on the way back to the Mall (that was a second try to direct us there) I stumbled upon a crowd of people. I wanted to see what was happening, so I was just walking around and trying to find out. Then, Joseph came to me and asked me if we want to walk with him and Mary to Bethlehem. He gaves us a candle and off we followed them around the city block of highrises. The donkey freaked out once, but I think it was just to show me the way as I couldn't walk down the stairs with the stroller.

I posted this on my facebook:

Me: Me and baby Moesha went to Bethlehem today with Joseph, Mary and two donkeys
My Friend
: Did all of you ride the bus?
: Of course not. We wanted to be authentic and Mary and Joseph didn't ride the bus neither. We drove in my car.

And then, at my inlaws, we learnt that my FIL's father, Moesha's great grandfather passed away at the age of 91.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do you believe ?

I live in an Olympic city. In three short months, the whole world will come here and ask me if I believe. Im not really sure what they are asking but I hear it on the news every single day. It's quite catchy (except one new spot that is really annoying)

I will not be the part of the games, except watching it on TV and we will most likely go to the city for our annual trip, to see the action (and most likely the mayhem) I would like to be, but I don't want to volunteer. I am not that enthusiastic and I also don't want to lose money working for someone for free (I would like to know where all the profits the games make for the city go, though) so they can make money and hefty bonuses. I am sure the games cost a lot but will bring a lot too. I would have to pay for the daycare, and I was told I would have to interrupt my EI if I want to volunteer (as in, if you're fine to volunteer, you're fine to work as well) And that's just not right.

But what really annoys me are the campains at the stores asking me to contribute for the Canadien athletes. I do have the citizenship now, but in heart and soul, I am still 100% (or more) Czech. I don't want to support the Canadien athletes. I don't want them to beat the Czech ones, that's it ! I also think they still have more $$ and facilities to train then athletes from other countries. Do you know how much $ Czechs get? You would have to sit down. And they still win or do well ! I don't like the pressure for donations Im exposed to daily. And what about the tourists, who have no interest to donate neither. I had friends over for a visit from Europe and they couldn't believe the pressure and demands for money. They felt like wherever they went someone tried to milk them (their exact words)

I am excited we will have the games here, but the regular people like me can't afford to go. The tickets are so expensive and everyone is trying to get advantage. But that's how it works, no one can wonder. I am excited to see Czechs win (we have one figure skater, one speed skater, and the hockey team, that have a promise of some good results) but Im not really sure about the money aspect and politics behind.

Overall, I do believe.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Very shocking news !

This is something I would never expect. See, I have this friend. I think we met online (I don't remember anymore), we talked for a very long time and then, when I lived in Boston, i went to visit him in Toronto. I have a huge interested in arabic and persian countries and he's iranian. He introduced me to some yummiest foods I've ever had, showed me around the city, showed me the Niagara falls (and thanks to me, he got a speeding ticket, sorry !!) and we had a really good week.

Later that year he got married. And although we were just friends, he didn't wish to stay in touch anymore for the respect of his new wife. Totally understandable. Few years ago, though, we found each other on Facebook. We sent updates maybe like once in half a year or so and then he shared with me their struggles. They were same as ours. I don't want to be too specific as I'm not sure if he shared with his friends, but let's just say we worked it out and he was still working on it.

So I went to his Facebook, to send him a message to ask how things are going. And I found out he passed away last Saturday at the age of 39 years ! You don't expect to get such news doing something as ordinary as sending a message through a Facebook.

He was very funny. He told me some funniest things I've ever heard and some of those I still remember today. He was very kind and nice, really really good person. I sometimes read his FB page and some things cracked me up. He was someone you'd love to be the best friends with or have a lunch every day.

He is also the very second friend of mine who ever died (sure I know some people who have died, but they were like grandparents, neighbours etc) Not a friend, yet alone such young one.

Abbas, I am glad I knew you and I am sure that you know that all your friends and family miss you and I hope you are now watching over us all and that maybe some of the things you were looking for will happen...??? That would be cool.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'll do something I rarely do on my public blog: I will share a picture with you !! Let me know how you like it.

Love, Molly...

Bellingham. Again.

I went to Bellingham on Tuesday again. I know, I am Belli-crazy. But you can't compare the stuff and prices and pretty much nothing ! I like how it's not overpopulated. I like that we can afford to travel, even if only 50 kms. I like the layout of that town. I like just about everything. And I like Blaine. And did I mention the prices? My friends' husband says he likes being Canadien but he can't afford being one. Haha !! True true.

We went to JoAnn's fabric and bought lots of Christmas books for $1 each. I like for baby Moesha to know all the classical stories. We then went downtown to buy some Czech books, but the store was closed. Again ! That's like the third time we went there and it was closed. Then we went to Bellisfair. My friend was impressed how well i know my way around Belligham. Duh !! (lol)

We love Target. The baby clothes and baby stuff is just awesome. And well priced. I bought her more bows (like if she needs it), I bought formula (we're trying one for the night, called Restfull to add to the breast milk and get her sleep longer) I didn't buy any clothes (unbelievable) but I bought milk for $2 (it's $4.50 here in Canada) We also had a lunch in Old Country buffet where Moesha fed herself mashed potatoes and wiped her mouth all on her own (well she was 4.5 mos after all so we can't expect anything less then independence)

And then we went home. We were so tired. I was impressed with myself that for the very first time I chose the quickest line. Till we were sent inside to pay the duties, that is.

I couldn't believe it. I only had $70 worth of shopping and my friend about $250. Later we figured out he thought I'm saying we have $700. Simple missunderstanding. But led to an hour at the customs which got the baby so excited she had a meltdown all the way home. The guy wanted to check on my car and when he came back, he was holding a stack of receipts. My heart stopped. Did we forget to declare something? (I dont' clean up my car every year, just ask my husband) But fortunately they were those that we already gave him and we were let go.

I still love going there for shopping (not sure why they asked me if I'm going to buy a yacht or an airplane) I don't think the baby stuff in Canada is great and well priced. We live so close to the border and Belli reminds me of Andover, Lowell and Lawrence combined. So I really like it there.
Baby Moesha is turning 5 months next week. Yay !! She is a very petit and cute baby, very courious (she will not sleep if there is anything going around her, she will fight it even if she can't even blink her eyes anymore) She is very alert and active. She wants to stand, sit, talk, grab things etc. Last week she was 13lb5oz. So tiny and co sute !

Love, Molly...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We got it !

What, you ask? The shot. The H1N1 shot. Yes. After such a long debate and research and swaying back and forth, we are now immunized. In the end, we decided that we will rather listen to people who know what they are talking about, like the doctors (my Dr highly recommended it and is getting it herself), Health Canada, public health nurse and the news. I am one of those that listen to what they hear on the news, they have doctors, investigate, show you both sides etc. Others think that this virus is a conspiracy of a government, or pharmaceutical companies, or both combined. I don't have a single reason to believe they are out there to get me, to hurt me, to make me vulnerable, to deceive me. If they are, well, I still don't have any proof about that.

Also, we have realized something most don't. We are healthy. We don't have any underlying condition. The one we know of, that is. Apparently up to 40 % of people who died (that's huge!) weren't aware they have any underlying condition neither ! So how do you know whether you have it or no ? And other thing, even if we get the swine flu and it's mild as most cases are (although where is the guarantee mine will be mild too?), we would probably pass it onto another person or people. This thing spreads. It's not like when I get it, it stops with me. There is a 5 days incubation period and within those five days I may get in touch with lots of people. I go to school. I go skating. I go to the store. I have a baby. All these people can get it from me if I am to get sick, and may have serious consequences. I do not want to be responsible. I don't believe I will die from the shot, and I don't believe it will make me more vulnerable. I also believe that the more people get sick the more chances it will mutate.

Of course there are doctors that will tell you it's bad for you. But those are very few of them. And of course, it depends on what kind of doctor you ask. A surgeon doesn't necessarily have the same updated information as the family doctor may have simply because they do not deal with it so they don't really understand. I hear it all the time, that this one and that one asked "the doctor", and when they say what kind of doctor, you can clearly see that they do not deal with the vaccinations. It's not that this doctor would lie to you, no, i don't think so, but they may not really know or they may be opposed to vaccination in general. And who will be the one hurt in the end? You. So that's another thing you need to be aware of and do your own homework.

Also, people say it hasn't been tested long enough. Apparently 33 years is not long enough. Or are they even aware that the first swine flu appeared in 1976 and that's when they started tested the vaccine? There hasn't been a single death from the vaccine and no side effects were ever recorded (this was on BBC few nights ago) And I trust BBC.

And I also would like to let you know that a 2 months old baby passed away from the H1N1 in Ontario. The parents weren't immunized and the baby got it from them. So again, how do I know that if I get sick, and pass it onto my baby that it will be mild? Because yours was, doesn't mean that someone else's, or mine, or my baby will be as well. I rather not take that risk.

A pregnant lady got sick and lost her baby. She was not vaccinated. She later said, that her uncle is a doctor who strongly advised her against the shot. She was asked what doctor, and she said a heart surgeon. Who doens't give vaccinations daily, so he didn't know neither. But becuase he held that "Dr." title, she just thought he knows it all.

Anyway, this post actually is not really about my beliefs (and I'm also not looking for opinions anymore since we're done with that - thanks to those who shared theirs before, really appreciated) but I want to share the actual process. I need to vent somewhere.

So I went to Mother Goose, the program we signed up for. We were not able to do few times before, as baby Moesha, wouldn't cooperate (naps etc) But this time she was ready. I stopped at the Health Unit to weight her. They told me I am now eligible for the shot (caregiver of an infant under 6 months) So I went to the walk in clinic. They told me the wait is 15-20 minutes. So I called my husband to come asap. He was not happy, he said he will get it in few weeks at his work. But I made him to come, in few weeks he may get sick. So we are waiting, waiting, with an infant in a room full of coughing people. Husband is mad that he will get sick. I go for a walk. We come back, now it's one hour from time we got there. They ask What doctor are we seeing? We don't know, or care, the first one available please. So they said it will take 20 minutes. I wonder, it was 20 minutes an hour ago. They said We have only one doctor here. Really? So then why do you ask me what doctor am I seeing, does it actually matter?

We never made it to Mother Goose. The 20 minutes turned out to be 2.5 hours. I was freaking out. I actually gave the nurse crap (and we went in shortly after just to wait another 20 minutes in the room itself) I don't care whether your wait is 20 minutes or 3 hours, but tell me, so I can go for a walk (or to Mother Goose in our case) and come back. There is really no point to wait for 5x 20 minutes. And also, when I asked to be let in a room to nurse my baby, I was told all are filled. So that poor alone doctor was in 11 rooms at the same time. Magnificent !

Finally we got our shots. It hurts. Did you know that? The doctor told us "It will take 10 days before your bodies will develop immunity so until then, wash your hands" Of course, we are going to. After that, we apparently don't need to wash our hands as we are immune. Never heard that before, but ok. This is Canada, after all, and we all know the quality of the health care (this post is written by someone who can compare the health care in the so called Eastern Europe, Czech specifically and Canada) But that would be a post for another day.

Bottom line, we got our shots and we are happy about that. I won't judge those that get this shot or those that don't, I think immunizing is important, but after all it's everyone's personal choice. I also hope that someone who choses not to immunize will not pass the virus to my child that cannot be immunized or one of my friends or relatives. As we know, people who are sick, regardless whether they know it or no, don't care and still go out. Today, we were in the store. A lady in a line up behind me, was on her cell phone, behaving very importantly telling someone I must have the swine flu, Im going to see the doctor. She hangs up, turns to Moesha and says: Oh what a cutie pie ! ... and grabs her hand. Great. Since we living with such morons, I think it's really better to get protected. Not only from the swine flu, but also from some people's stupidity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween updates

Long time no talk... well, we're quite busy. I had a midterm at school, for which I learnt a night before and I scored 93%. Given this class is so boring, it's a really good result.

We had a great Halloween. Baby Moesha was dressed up as ladybug, although daddy thought she was a caterpillar. Well, these too are so close, it's so easy to make a mistake when one is dressed in bright red sleeper with big black dots and antens. I wouldn't know neither. My friend came over with her family and it was the bestest Halloween ever. We put her up and front so she was the first and only thing they saw when they opened the door, and it was so cute, everyone was commenting on it. She was so tired that she didn't even make a peep and couldn't even work her paci, just held it in her mouth and looked, well not around, but straight ahead. That's all she had energy for.

She is so cute. Today, I took her to the stroller fitness class in the Mall, she was dressed in her super-awesome pink boots, dress and a hat. She of course scored lots of oooh and aaawwhs... She is really petite, but suprisingly, I have a feeling (the visual one) that she is outgrowing her car seat.

We are still really busy. I am running several times a week, but I need to join the running clinic and find a lazy running buddy. I'll do that when we get back from our Secret trip. The rest is filled with playdates, school, skating, errands etc.

Breastfeeding is going great. I only pump to have a bottle when I go to school, or for one bottle we give her at night (at that point, she demands to be bottle fed while sleeping) Silly pickle !

Oh and lots of goings to the States. We love it there. Last week we went to Bellingham and then to Blaine (two trips) We love our Nexus cards !!! Best thing ever, when one is on maternity leave.

Happy Halloween (belated), everyone !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've been reviewed !

I got my first review. It is so lovely ! I contacted Courtney from Giftfully Simple and she liked our story and my fingerless gloves and wrote a review on her blog. Please visit it to read it, it's a really sweet post. You can click on the pretty button at the bottom of this post to view the review.

Thanks again !

Giftfully Simple

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What about blue?

I thought that I will share with you few pictures of my funky blue mittens from my adoption fundraising store (if you click on the picture, it will take you straight to my Etsy store) Aren't they adorable ! It's getting cold, that's for sure

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another good one about H1N1

Well I heard another good one from Team anti-vaccine: The virus was released from the secret u.s. labs on purpose to scare people to get vaccine that contains the secret ingredience that is going to make them more sustainable for the bio weapons being secretly developed in North Korea.

People, you are not helping your cause ! Everytime I hear something so ridiculous, it makes me question the rest what you are saying and sway towards the Team for-vaccines (at least they don't say ridiculous things like that and that makes them more credible). Why would U.S. government want to make their own people vulnerable for something like that, seriously !!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

H1N1 vaccine - How I see it

You have probably heard, the vaccines kill people. Where have you heard it from though, from internet? Most likely. So let me tell you how I see it. And let me borrow few online articles from other blogs to help me achieve that. I am not going to try to convince you to get the vaccines (I am most likely not, but still thinking) but I would like you to raise few questions and think about it again.

First, visit this link I got from my friend:

When I read it first, I really liked what she wrote. But then I read it (and the discussions below) again. This blog contains quite a few incorrect information and misinformation. First, everyone says "it hasn't been tested long enough". One thing: what is long enough? Today's medicine is quite elsewhere then it was years ago and we no longer need decades for testing. People who say this, will not tell you what is "long enough". They do not know. They heard it from someone else, who doesn't know neither. Plus it's not like they started from scratch, they took the base of existing flu vaccine and worked with it.

This blog says "its totally unsafe". Not true again. There hasn't been a death from vaccine yet. There were rumours that a marine and a small girl died, but those were just that, rumours. No death has been confirmed and these rumours are spread by the anti vaccine freaks who don't understand basic chemistry (that I borrowed from yahoo's link I am posting below). Also, my inlaws are sick with cancer and they have weakened immunity, my baby was a preemie with compromised imunity as well, so for them to get this could actually have catastrophic results. The blogger does not go ahead and explain what exactly is totally unsafe, in what regard.

Here she says: - The vaccine production was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. and in next paragraph Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders. If it hasn't been tested enough and never on humans, so how can it be already known the swine flu vaccine caused autism? How can something that hasn't been given to humans already cause autism? Quite a contradiction, if you ask me and that itself makes me question the rest of her information.

She says Plants will help you. But plants can also kill you. Not everything can be treated with plants and homeopatics and unlike vaccines, the homeopatics treatments actually did lead to deaths of small children. I have a friend who uses nothing but homeopatics and she constantly suffers from migraines and other issues. Many times I wanted to tell her just to go to the doctor and finally get to the bottom of that.

People say "its better to get the H1N1 flue then the vaccine". Again, if you're lucky, your flu will be mild. But if you have underlying condition (like for example my inlaws), it is not better to get the flu then the vaccine.

A friend of mine also tried to convince me that this virus was released accidentaly from the lab in Australia. That proved to be wrong information as well, it was investigated by WHO and the conclusion was that he made it up. Yet many many people still believe it (it plays into their cards)

And now, one thing you don't realize... we only hear the anti-vacciners talking on internet. You won't hear it from news and most likely from your doctor (although there are some who are against it, of course) You may say that doctors won't go against, because they get paid and benefits for vaccinating you. While it may be true, other healthcare providers (like massagists, midwifes, dentist, health care unit nurse, etc) are people who have no benefits of providing you with wrong information and will tell you the same thing. Now, if it's so dangerous and people are dying, why don't we hear about it on the news? You may say: it's because the goverments are trying to hide the truth. So you're telling me that journalits (who are btw like pitbulls when it comes to investigating, they wont leave one stone unturned) didn't find out but you did? Interesting.

The lady in the blog says that her doctor routinely suggests the flu vaccines to the pregnant women, yet in another place she says that he doesn't.

And if you really don't trust your doctor and think he may be not honest with you regarding the vaccines (or anything else), perhaps its time to find a new one.

Bottom line for me is that I'm still undecided. I am not swaying towards either way at this point, we have the benefit of time, as it's not available in Canada as of yet, so we can see what happenes in the U.S. I just don't want to blindly follow the rumours on internet, but I'd like to ask further and analyze why they say this and they say that. What's really better, and where do these rumours come from. Here is another good link I mentioned above with lots of good information I tend to believe rather then the above mentioned blog:

I think that if someone really dies or gets sick from the vaccine, it will be because of allergy or another underlying condition and that the benefits of vaccines far outweight the risks of flus. But again, I'm still undecided what to do. And if for every person who dies after vaccine (and again, I haven't heard about a single person from a reputable source who died) are 10.000 people who die from the flu, then it shows me whats safer.

Please feel free to comment either way.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marhaba, bambinas ....

I was asked several times why I named my blog this. Well, for one, I love arabic. I love the countries, food, culture, language. One of my most favorite cities is Sfax in Tunisia, courtesy of a long gone crash. So why not name my blog something arabic. I tell Moesha "Marhaba" every morning when she wakes up. I like how that word sounds (my family came from west Ukraine, they were Jews, but but my country is 2nd least religious country in Europe so over the years, that was lost and they kinda moved onto Christianity. We are truly diverse religion-wise!)

I just had friends over. My friend P was a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines. So envious ! She's such a lovely person, very pretty, funny, kind and her husband whom I've never met is very nice as well. We're going to miss them !

We still haven't got a single diaper rash (yay for team Mama and doing great job !) and we sleep through the night (although we have to nurse lying down - best thing ever!) Baby eats better at night then during the day. And she now rolls over. What a big girl !

We still have quite a few sleeps to our Secret trip to a Magical place (funny cause everyone thinks we're going to Disneyland, haha) I still haven't told anyone except my stepdad and now I gave in and told my brother. Hopefully he'll keep it to himself, too. Moesha cannot wait for what is going to be a start of a busy travelling season.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, nice to meet you!

Hi there, I see that I have lots of visitors to my blog. Why won't you stop for a minute and leave me a short greeting in the comments, tell me where you're from and how do you like my blog and what brought you here ? I would love to hear from you !!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recession gloves

I named these gloves "Recession gloves" because they are more afordable. I made them plain but very comfortable and snuggly fitted. They are black and have no cable or fingers. Will fit M/L womens hand or about M men's hand. Click on the picture, it will take you to my Etsy store where you can purchase them. All the sales help us with our adoption costs.


Diaper rash. What's that?

Well we really haven't got a single one as of yet! These are the reasons I think (I think) contributed to good bummie's health:

Breastfeeding (doens't irritate the baby's bum as much)
Cloth diapers (contains no chemicals, and baby doesn't stay in them as long as in the sposies)
Baby powder (they say you can't use it, but you totally can, just put it on your hand away from the baby (i do it in the bathroom) or on your diaper directly. I use Avalon organic when the bum shows the first sign of redness)
Wet cloths wipes (the store bought ones do contain certain chemicals, even the natural or sensitive ones. We just use the plain baby cloths and wet them with regular water as much as we can/ remember)

So these are few things you can try with your baby. I have a friend with a baby in the same age as is Moesha, and her baby has a really bad diaper rash ! She is not doing any of those things above but is going to try)

Oh btw, if you read my previous posts I said I will not be sharing baby's name. And now I am blogging about Moesha. Well, that's not her real name but my very good friend Mark was and is referring to her as such and I actually really like it so I am using it as her nickname on her block.

Go Moesha !!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three months old

Hi everyone,

Moesha turned 3 monhts old last Friday ! She was such a good girl. We went to Blaine for our Nexus interview and she said Hi to the officer. It was the cutest thing ever.

We are back to the cloth diapers. We had to stop for a while because I wanted to outsmart everything and everyone and to save some job, I didnt put the inserts into pockets. Turns out, the baby feels the wetness right away. And I do mean *right away*. So we had extra unwanted screaming and it just didn't work. Once I realized my mistake, things improved constantly.

We are also breastfeeding like champs. We had a very rocky start with not much support from my husbands family. Add this to the stress with a jaundiced newborn (which was not result of BF but Gestational diabetes), hormones, no help, baby blues and you guessed right, that makes for one very frustrated and not happy mama. Thank goodness for my friends and Moesha's aunties, they held my head above the water.

Ive heard few some very weird comments. But whatever. I just wished, that people comment on things without sounding like thats the only option and if you do it differently, you better don't. I mean, if you grow up in let's say Jamaican culture, then you will obviously eat the Jamaican food. My baby grew up in me, im her culture so she will eat my food. My body made her and my body knows whats best for her. She is totally thriving and she loves to nurse. She has this funny look like *I know im the cutest* and she talks to the boobie a lot. Thats actually where we get most mumbling ! Sometims she gets BM in the bottle but she doesnt talk to it. Isnt that funny !! Everyone recognizes the benefits of breastfeeding, except like 2-3 people I know, so with all the respect, I am not going to go with them. Plus its not like I only listen to others, but its that I myself also recognize BF as the best of best. You know, those little voices inside your head that tell you whats right and whats not. I dont get easily influenced, I get the facts and then I choose. I definitely look up to doctores, midwifes, friends who recently had babies, scientistic researches, I want to be educated and know everything so I can make best choices. And the more others push, the less likely I am going to listen to what they say.

So thats our BF update. Moesha is now going through her 3 monhts grow spurth so she eats non stop. Poor thing, today we thought she was just tired (she only eats when she wakes up, never before her next nap so you better not miss the chance to feed her!) and she was just hungry ! She cried so much while we tried to make her sleep.

She has a very funny schedule and cues. Like I mentioned, she only eats when she wakes up. That saves me tons of frustration when I kept trying feeding her. She can now play by herself on her mat, then she cries for some cuddles and then out of the blue she starts shrieking. Drop everything and run to the baby ! During the day she sleeps in her sling. I can hold her close, rock her and stil do everything I need to do. She doesnt sleep in the malls and she wakes up if shes moved. During the day, shes a very light sleeper.

She goes sleep around 7. I always thought parents who put their kids to bed at 6 or 7 are not that smart. I planned to keep her up till 10 or 11 so she sleeps longer. Well, yeah, right. That doesnt happen. She demands to go sleep soon. She gets her bath (everyday, she loves it so its an activity itself) and then goes sleep. She used to sleep for 6 hrs for the first stretch but now its only 2-3. Told you, growth spurth. We are nursing lying down which is the best invention ever. She sleeps till 5-6 with few very short breaks (she used to be up 3-4 hours and I was going cookoo) and then she tries to start the day. But mommie wants to sleep more so we sleep together. She is snuggled in my arms and I sleep extremely lightly and feel her every move (eh, I mean tickle, she tickles me a lot) Then we wake up anywhere between 9-11. Not too shabby, right? So sleep is one thing Im getting enough of ! I couldnt be happier.

have a great day everyone, I have so many updates to post !!

Love, Molly and Moesha

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cloth diapers

For us, the cloth diapering is going extremely well ! The washing is easy, they have really good absorbency, and it's fun to work with. We have already saved lots of money. The only thing that doesn't work for us is the night, we use a sposie as the CD make the baby feel the wetness and she was waking up more often. Since she usually needs the CD be changed several times, the night break could last up to 4 hours ! So we are back to sposies and she sleeps in one (or maybe one change) per night.

I bought mine on eBay, and I just today found an extremely good deal (even better then what I bought myself), 10 All in one for only $39.95 (including discount) and free shipping. Click on that picture, it will take you straight to the seller's listing. Usually CD are about $20 - $25 per piece so make sure to check it out !!