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Friday, February 26, 2010

First cold

Baby Moesha has her first cold. Bummer ! But on second thought, I shouldn't complain. Except the jaundice when she was born, she has been extremely healthly and this is her first cold. And she's now 8 months and one week ! Not too shabby for the first cold. I blame nursing.
I had a bad cold over Christmas when we flew to Prague. I slept with her in one bed and she has rarely been out of my sight. But she didn't sneeze once. I was impressed. This time she got sick first, and I caught it from her. It's not as bad as the previous one but I'm still not a happy camper. But we're dealing with it and slowly getting better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shoe sizes

This is more for me then you although you can use it too... I can never remember, what shoes sized and what age I need:

0-6 months 01-02 0-1 16-17
6-12 months 03-04 2-3 18-20
12-24 months 5-6 4-6 21-23
2T-3T (2-3 years) 7-9 7-8 24-26
4T-5T (4-5 years) 10-11 9-10 28-29
3-4 (3-4 years) 9-10 8-9 26-28
5-7 (5-7 years) 11-13 10-13 29-32
8 & Up (8-12 years) 1 and up 3 and up 33 and up

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stolen cart

The other day I was in Superstore here in Langley. You know, that one that you have to pay one dollar for the cart (and you get it back if you return it to its designaged spot) That is it, "if". I did all I could and I played by the rules. I did my shopping, drove it to my car, and I was ready to return it and get my dollar back, after I strapped the baby in the car seat. Have you noticed I've done anything wrong, so far?

Well, even though I did everything right, I didn't get my dollar back. While I was strapping the baby in her car seat, someone who was passing by just took my cart with my own dollar in it and walked away with it. I didn't notice cause a) I was busy with the baby, b) there is lots of noise made by lots of people pushing lots of carts, c) it didn't occur to me someone would steal a dollar (resp. a cart) from a mother busy with her baby.

I didn't call police to investigate this theft. It was after all, not an emergency, even though it spoiled my day. And to all the stores out there, I hate your pay for your cart policy. If you can pay a greeter at the door, or a person whose job is to stand out there and tell you to scan your save on more card so you can see what the specials are, perhaps you can also employ another person whose job would be to collect the carts from few of those that are too lazy and leave it all over. It sure would save me my dollar.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cloth Diapers: First full night

Baby Moesha was cloth diapered for the whole night last night ! That's a first. Well, kinda. Cause she was cd'd when she was born. But it didnt work. She was waking up, I had to change her, which woke her up even further. I was absolutely determined only use CD but unfortunately, it didnt work for us.

I still use CD a lot, always when we're at home and half half when we're outside. I use the sposies for trips (cloth diapers didn't go with us to Prague or Edmonton), outings (if she's at babysitters) andfor the night. I don't think it's complicated or a hassle, I really like it. As you may remember, I posted a while back that we never had any diaper rash, and I believe it's mostly because of CD (and I used eco sposies .. not so much anymore)

Last night I left the CD on her. And she slept a very long time. So when she woke up, I quickly changed her for another CD. And she slept some more. She tends to wake up towards the morning more often which is because of hunger we suspect so it didn't really matter. I didn't see any difference in the sleeping (non)pattern. So we're trying again tonight ! Wish my little eco baby luck ...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Review: Shipping labels

Do you sell online? And do you use PayPal and such as, the shipping labels? I do. I have tried quite a few brands and I ran into issues with hard peeling (I get really frustrated when I sit here for 5+ minutes trying to peel each and every corner and neither is working) or having to cut the edges. I use the half labels (meaning I do not print the bottom part, the confirmation), so I had to cut them all, and perhaps make a mark on the wrong side so I don't accidentaly print on it (I did, many times, though)

So imagine my relief when I found the labels that I don't have cut and they are easy to peel. They are called labeldogs labels and you can buy them on eBay right here. They come with a precut line so you don't need scissors to cut them in half (I can never find scissors when I need them, I see them now on my table though !!) They have a print on the wrong side so you cannot make a mistake while printing, they are supereasy to peel (yay) and they have a precut line so you can just peel them out without the yucky edges. The seller offers Free shipping within United states and you can get them for $11.39 for 200 labels, which works out for about $0.056 per label (one other thing I did is to compare lots of listings by converting the price to the price per label) Turns out these were one of the cheapest (if not even cheapest) and the best. I am really happy with them.