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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tlickle tlee !

Little Moesha was the cutest kitten ever. First, we went to the mall, that's where she first saw me in my costume (haha, I just colored my face) She was in disbelief and kept asking Mama, mimi? (Mimi is the name of our cat aka the word for every cat out there)

I explained her what she needs to do: Say trick or treat, hand our your bag and get a candy. She was not too sure, but when she got the first prize, oh my! She did not want to move on and wanted to get more and more. After all, why bother, if this auntie has a full bowl, no?

She eventually grasped the concept. We beat the rush by starting kinda few stores ahead. There were no line ups except those two main ones. We went last year and it was crazy because we were waiting in the line. Moesha was just over a year old, busy as ever and she was really hard to contain, and it was two of us last year. Someone also kicked her and another kid stood on her foot in the rush and I did not want to subject her to that again. This year was really sweet and calm and she had lots of fun.

After we got home, we walked around our complex. Some units in our complex do wicked job with decorating. We also walked around our neighbourhood, joining random groups. Moesha learnt to climb up the stairs, knock on the door, look up when they opened (she looked really small), say Tlickle tlee very quietly, and when they handed her candy, she grabbed it with half of their hand and ran back to me without thanking them. It was soooooo funny! I carried her basket. She got some awesome goodies, like playdough, dolls, Life ice cream chocolate (who buys those, even if they are on sale!) She was scared to go to some houses and kept asking Mama, help? We were out for close to 2 hours and she walked the whole time.

But the funniest things happened today. When she woke up, she stood at her crib and screamed Tlickle tlee! Everytime she would see the bag, she wanted to go again. She woke up at 10 and didn't have nap and in the afternoon she went to go Go Bananas for some added exhaustion. Mission Impossible. This little baby woke up at 9, one hour into her sleeping and wanted to go Trick or Treating. Again.

Every night is going to be Halloween in the Marhaba household.