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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cloth diapers

For us, the cloth diapering is going extremely well ! The washing is easy, they have really good absorbency, and it's fun to work with. We have already saved lots of money. The only thing that doesn't work for us is the night, we use a sposie as the CD make the baby feel the wetness and she was waking up more often. Since she usually needs the CD be changed several times, the night break could last up to 4 hours ! So we are back to sposies and she sleeps in one (or maybe one change) per night.

I bought mine on eBay, and I just today found an extremely good deal (even better then what I bought myself), 10 All in one for only $39.95 (including discount) and free shipping. Click on that picture, it will take you straight to the seller's listing. Usually CD are about $20 - $25 per piece so make sure to check it out !!