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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's (not) haunted !!

This morning, shortly before 5.30 am, I woke up (like every hour btw) to go to the bathroom. When I got back, and tried to find a comfy position to fall asleep again, someone shook my bed violently !! At first, I thought it's an earthquake. But it was so quick and there were no people running out screaming. So I turned the light on, to see who's in my room shaking the bed. There was noone. I looked under the bed, too !! I woke up my husband and told him: "the bed is haunted". He just laughed but I was seriously serious.

But !!!!

Later that day, on the way to work, I heard on the news, that indeed, there was an earthquake just north of Seattle, which was felt in Lower Mainland area, too. So my bed is not haunted, after all (good to know).

A little complication

My husband doesn't have a passport. That's fine for now, we don't plan to travel this year anyway, especially not with a newborn, and we will not go to China for at least 5 years (which is the max time they issue the passports) We can only go to the U.S., but since we'd drive, we wouldn't need passports at least till june. But apparently we need a copy of his passport for sending a dossier. I have been unable to get him apply for passport ever since we got married 6 years ago. Any tipos how to kick his a** so he can finally apply?

I also have only a Czech one. It is valid through 2012. I hope I can use it !! I don't want to pay for something which would expire before I can use it anyway. Even though I have a Canadien citizenship, I believe I can still use the Czech one, and I do have an entry visa for the U.S. That's all I need.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Adoption Poem

I wrote this poem during a period of time about 10 years ago, when pretty much everything I wrote down came out as a poem. I wrote so many in that time without any effort !! What a productive time it was. This poem is (I didn't know about it back then) about all those lonely children with or without families, and adoption

Strawberry-hair girl was playing in the park.
"Where is your father, " I asked.
"And where is your mom?"

"They're always away", she said.
"They don't have time. Then know I'm in the park
and they think I'm fine. "

I bought her an ice-cream
and she gave me a smile.
I gave her a smile back
and wished she'd be mine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adopting when pregnant

So we found out I'm pregnant few weeks before the adoption process started. We knew it will happen, but since adoption takes so long, we didn't want to postpone anything and start as soon as possible.

So what do you have to deal with when you're pregnant and adopting? Questions. Of course. You are now obligated to explain everyone, why you still want to adopt a baby when you have your own on the way. You have to explain everyone, why you are not cancelling the process. Or pretend to be mum.

Our SW did postpone few meetings, and when she was postponing the first one, she said: "You're not missing any time, since you can't send your application until your baby is one year old". We got into a slight argument, cause that was the first and most important thing I was checking with the agency, when I get pregnant, will we still be able to apply for adoption? They assured me yes. Then, when I got my positive test, I checked again, and again they assured me yes. In fact, by postponing we actually do lose time, the later we send it, the less time we will have between the birth of our baby and referral. Not that it matters too much with the China's superlong waiting times, but I'd like to call things the correct names.

So even if you are pregnant, you can still continue with the adoption process for sure !! We will have to follow the 12 monhts rule (there must be 12 months or more between getting last child into our household and referral) which we do not worry one bit. There will be about 4+ years at least (unless we will have second one before we go to China, and that remains open, we will have to think that through little)

If any of my readers has an experience with being pregnant and adopting a baby at the same time, you can leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you !!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The road rage - Again !!!!

Yesterday I was driving home from school. There is a section where the right lane has to merge into the left one and be one from then on. I was in the left lane, already merged, just letting the car from the left one merge in front of me. Then this idiot just comes with the speed of light and tries to cut in front of me. I saw no option (even though I had the way to go) then just slow down, which I did, it didn't matter to me. He honked on me and then stick his hand out of the window with what I thought is a finger !! It surprised me cause I did let him go, even though I had the right to go. Then I looked carefully (it was dark) and he had a knife in his hand, he was seriously waving a knife at me !!!

So what's wrong with these men? Why people still feel they have to cut in front of everyone just to be there 15 minutes earlier, why does it make them feel better to "win" that one single spot ahead of one car, why there is no more respect towards other drivers, and why people always swear at each other if they don't match to "my driving skill"?

I totally hate the road rage drivers and driving idiots and no such a person has and will ever have my respect. Yet alone if they have children in their cars.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some updates

Hello everyone, and happy new year 2009 ! I have some news to share.

1. Now you can follow my blog, I added the option, so I can see who is following my family's story

2. I did pass the second test. It was not easy, but I got C+ and that's all what I needed and more

3. Our homestudy is done, now we are waiting for the report. It was not easy, some questions were really hard to answer, and anything we said sounded like biggest cliche, but we did as best as we could and hope to have made a good impression

4. We now have a baby on the way as well !!!!