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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Prague. Romantic.

These pictures were taken at the Prague castle, the largest castle in the whole world.

Prague Castle windows

I think they were cool ...

First bus ride

Not really really first one, but first one she was out of the stroller (she took one before but she was sleeping) She did good ! She wanted to see everything inside and outside. I mastered the bus riding with the stroller already, you must wave the driver as a sign you want to board and then ring the bell twice when leaving. And although most buses are accessible, there is always someone who wants to help you.

Here, we are going to the Prague Castle see the Nativity scene in Loretanske square.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Prague

I took some nice pictures, I just played with my camera and they are very pretty.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning I met with one of my best friends who had a baby on my Birthday, yay ! We went for a walk with a group of other friends. It was lovely. A wheel from my stroller took off at one point but there are three more... wait, we actually fixed that, well, not me, but my friend, as you do need all four. I would never be able to go with my canadian stroller for a walk like this, but my czech one did a great job. Oh and yes, that second picture is babies having lunch. All ready in like no time (you can't do that with a bottle lol) and little munchkins munching on milk in the middle of the snowy cold forrest like if they don't care (they didn't) And I took my first bus ride on my own ever and managed. Things changed, the small bus we were on took 4 strollers. I don't remember they did it before, and they definitely don't do it in Canada (the most I've seen was 2)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here in Prague, everyone goes for a walk all the time and most people use transit. Such as, the strollers here are amazing ! They don't seem to have the travel systems (as most don't need such a thing) but they have a very comfy strollers to sit with an option to add basket-like soft bed. It looks so cozy ! I wish I had one of those. I'm looking for an umbrella-like stroller (just little better) to bring home with me. My mom wants to buy us one.

We went for a walk twice already. First to the store (it's a new place, like a mall setting with Tesco, well not new, it was here last time when I visited) It was the very second day and it was still real cold. I felt like we are in Siberia (twighlight, cold, the russian style highrises they used to build in the burbs, totally looked like Russia) I liked it.

The next day we went for another walk, past my elementary school to check the strollers. It was still cold but sunny. Baby Moesha likes riding in her new stroller (this one is not coming with us but it's awesome, it has the air tires and rocks naturally so baby rides in style and its so cozy cause there are no straps in those beds) The one on the pictures came from Poland and it's a typical stroller people here used to have. The most typical stroller I see now is a jogger-like one. I will post a picture if I find one later.

The cat and I

Wait !! You forgot your CAT in here !!!

WT*, a baby?


I'm outta here !!!

Waiting in London

So we had few hours in London. Less then expected as the flight was late and I was the last one off the flight. I didn't get to borrow the stroller or a buggie, so I had to carry everything (I had the sling though) I spent about an hour in the nursing station repacking my bag and when I got out, baby fell asleep in my arms swaddled. I walked around looking for a spot to put her down and some nice people gave me their foot rest:

Needles to say, she seemed to be the cutest thing around cause everyone was smiling and wanted to see. She slept for about an hour and when she woke up, she was ready for her next adventure:

Rolling over ! At 6 months sharp, baby Moesha started rolling over every single time when on tummy time. Everyone was turning around (especially after I pulled out the Santa hat) Two girls who I thought they may be from Boston (turns out they were cause I asked and funny, they were on the way from Prague!!) were taking pictures. Normally I would freak out but I didn't mind. They were really nice.

Even Santa flew all the way from the North Pole on British Airways to wish her Merry Christmas and take pictures with her in front of the bathrooms.

The flight to Prague wasn't that long. It was just a bit boring. When we were landing, they told us it's 14 below zero and snowing. Nice ! I didn't check so I had no idea. Two couples were helping me off the plane and only then I realized there was no way I could manage all by myself with all that luggage (I had three huge ones, two small carry ons, baby and a car seat) I had to take two carts.

Turns out my mom knew all the time I am coming. Apparently I forwarded her an email back in September I was sending to my friend Petra regarding bringing some stuff over when she was visiting. Somewhere in there I wrote her not to worry too much as I am coming over for Christmas and take the stuff myself. Few emails later I sent everything to my mom. Silly me, so much for the surprises !! And I planned everything so carefully and then I make such a silly mistake, lol !

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our trip to Prague: Flight to London

Note to my new readers: Just so you know, we are known as Molly and baby Moesha on this blog (our internet nicknames)

We made it to Prague ! I got a nasty cold just a day before departure. Nice. I have to tell you, it's awesome to fly with a stuffed nose, especially the landing is particularly delicious. Baby Moesha did great ! The flight was about an hour late, but it was ok since we had 5 hours in London. I got the baby basinet for her and sat next to a nice man from Saudi Arabia travelling to Jeddah. HIs trip was also a surprise (hopefully better kept then mine as it turned out later) and he is flying back the same time. I grew to trust him so much that when I went to the bathroom the second time (good job, btw for me, only twice), he kept an eye on her. Baby was fussy the first hour, but then she fell asleep (unswaddled, upon popular advice, thanks, btw)

20 minutes later she was up and screaming. Two minutes later she was swaddled and sleeping soundly (she is tied both in the harness and her swaddling blanket):

She woke up once more about 4 hours into flight and screamed. The flight attendant thought she had a nightmare. She wouldn't calm down but I nursed her and she fell asleep again (swaddled)

The plane was big but they wouldn't complimentary upgrade us to a business class. J***s !!

At the airport, one of our pilots took both of my bags and helped me all the way from our plane to the main terminal. We had to take a train ! I don't think I would manage, I had so much stuff and no stroller. And I couldn't rent one there even though I was told I can and they had no buggies for the luggage. And I had to drink from her bottle in front of the security !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recycled mittens

Today I want to show you recycled mittens from my Etsy store. They are still available for sale, but unless you purchase them by Friday 10 AM PST, they will be shipped in middle of January. All Etsy sales are helping us with the baby adoption

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's coming from Kolin?

I see that I have visitors from Kolin. Who are you, can you leave me a comment? I am courious ...

Sure, run everyone over ...

That's what I heard on Monday in Babies R Us. This is what happened:

I was walking with my jogger in the store. There was a guy waiting for the price check. He was standing in the middle of the aisle in between the boxes. His daughter was running around between the toys and when she saw me and my stroller approaching, she walked towards her father to get out of my way. I didn't even have to say "excuse me" (you know, Im very polite in general)

I walked by and everything seemed fine. Until the guy called at me: "Sure, run everyone over with your stroller ! Merry Christmas !!"

He was not even in my way and I was not in his! I don't know, is it just me, attracting these kind of weirdos and situations? He sure made my day.