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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here in Prague, everyone goes for a walk all the time and most people use transit. Such as, the strollers here are amazing ! They don't seem to have the travel systems (as most don't need such a thing) but they have a very comfy strollers to sit with an option to add basket-like soft bed. It looks so cozy ! I wish I had one of those. I'm looking for an umbrella-like stroller (just little better) to bring home with me. My mom wants to buy us one.

We went for a walk twice already. First to the store (it's a new place, like a mall setting with Tesco, well not new, it was here last time when I visited) It was the very second day and it was still real cold. I felt like we are in Siberia (twighlight, cold, the russian style highrises they used to build in the burbs, totally looked like Russia) I liked it.

The next day we went for another walk, past my elementary school to check the strollers. It was still cold but sunny. Baby Moesha likes riding in her new stroller (this one is not coming with us but it's awesome, it has the air tires and rocks naturally so baby rides in style and its so cozy cause there are no straps in those beds) The one on the pictures came from Poland and it's a typical stroller people here used to have. The most typical stroller I see now is a jogger-like one. I will post a picture if I find one later.

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