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Monday, December 21, 2009

Our trip to Prague: Flight to London

Note to my new readers: Just so you know, we are known as Molly and baby Moesha on this blog (our internet nicknames)

We made it to Prague ! I got a nasty cold just a day before departure. Nice. I have to tell you, it's awesome to fly with a stuffed nose, especially the landing is particularly delicious. Baby Moesha did great ! The flight was about an hour late, but it was ok since we had 5 hours in London. I got the baby basinet for her and sat next to a nice man from Saudi Arabia travelling to Jeddah. HIs trip was also a surprise (hopefully better kept then mine as it turned out later) and he is flying back the same time. I grew to trust him so much that when I went to the bathroom the second time (good job, btw for me, only twice), he kept an eye on her. Baby was fussy the first hour, but then she fell asleep (unswaddled, upon popular advice, thanks, btw)

20 minutes later she was up and screaming. Two minutes later she was swaddled and sleeping soundly (she is tied both in the harness and her swaddling blanket):

She woke up once more about 4 hours into flight and screamed. The flight attendant thought she had a nightmare. She wouldn't calm down but I nursed her and she fell asleep again (swaddled)

The plane was big but they wouldn't complimentary upgrade us to a business class. J***s !!

At the airport, one of our pilots took both of my bags and helped me all the way from our plane to the main terminal. We had to take a train ! I don't think I would manage, I had so much stuff and no stroller. And I couldn't rent one there even though I was told I can and they had no buggies for the luggage. And I had to drink from her bottle in front of the security !

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kortney said...

I'm glad it mostly worked out great - I especially like the part about drinking from her bottle - that's hilarious!