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Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh sweetest baby ...

you are one year old now ! At one year, you can:

- WALK !!!
- say mama, dada, gaga, aia, hi, hey, yay and some more
- sleep through the night (or wake up once around 11 pm for your milk bottle)
- melt everyone's heart
- recognize your best friend
- love love love puppies !
- open every single drawer in the chicken even though (we think) they are baby proofed
- not sit still for ten seconds
- sign milk and all done, although you use your own sign language
- have daddy babysit you for a long time
- pull cat's ears and tails but you do it gently cuase you know they have claws
- push your lil car, chair, daddy's cooler and use it as a walker
- shoot commercials
- travel to Europe and back
- collect benefits from Czech government
- read books upside down
- swim, splash, laugh
- swing like a pro
- go to the zoo
- wave using the "all done" sign
- party like a one year old
- beg for food that we think is not appropriate for you
- and many many many more !!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr and Mrs Einstein ...

... confirm Darwin's Theory of Evolution ...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What happens in Boston ....

One day, during the time I lived in Boston, I had this most delicious treat. It was a sandwich with something inside, that involved tomato sauce, and cheese and something else. I could not for the longest time figure out what it is. People tried to explain me, but I was not getting it. Only few months later, I finally understood it's called Eggplant parmesan.

I have tried to make eggplant several times. The first time it worked, but then never again. I actually hated it. I hated the structure, and taste (now I know that I haven't baked it enough so it never got soft) I never tried the Eggplant parmesan, until this week.

First piece, I fried. Oh boy, that thing absorbs quite a lot of oil ! So then I found this non fry recipe, and I made it tonight and it's absolutely delicious. I'm of course, eating it with bread as a sandwich. If you're interested, try it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little pains

We have some little pains around the house. First, baby Moesha was really sick last week. It was very intense, but short. She had an upper respiratory tract infection and screamed in pain and hunger. I took her to ER but they sent us home without nothing, just to do Tylenol, fluids and cuddling. She finally took the bottle towards the morning, but she slept with me and we held hands while we slept (well, slept, depends on what you do consider slept cause she was up all night, sitting and arching in pain) Two days later we did the follow up and she had an ear infection so she got the antibiotics. She loves them so much that when she sees the bottle, she drops everything and goes kamikadze for them (unfortunately she was on the stairs once, hence more little pains) She is now all healthy and the illness is gone.

I am, though, battling another kind of pain. I don't know what's wrong, but my hip, or muscle or a nerve are just giving away. I walk and the pain that is not a real pain, but something really intense, I dont know how to describe it, shoots all over my right leg. Like if you hit a funny bone on the pelvis or something. I tried to excercise it out (elliptical worked for maybe half an hour after, then the pain was back), I tried some zumba (no go at all), and I tried Tylenol. That worked so I decided to go see a dr and perhaps an xray. I can't walk at times !!!

But that's not all what's happening here. I have started my Librarian school. It's going so well (or so I thought till I saw my first test's grade - need to read instructions more carefully!!) I really enjoy it and I am now sure it's a really good fit for me. My friend Petra moved here from Prague, she stayed with us for two and half weeks and I helped her find a job and an appartment. We had such a great time that we almost cried when she was moving out. It felt like she's been with us forever.

Baby Moesha is walking. She need her toy though but it's so much fun to watch her ! She climbs the stairs like mad, waves and claps (finally!) and she walkes around with holding one hand only. We usually go search for the puppees. Today, I've seen a neighbour out that I've never seen before. I actually really haven't. What a weird complex we live in. They've been here for 4 years and we've been here for 4.5 and I haven't even known how she looks. She has a baby that is 20 months old. I asked her what's her name. She said baby Moesha's real name. Wow !! She said she has never met a girl with the same name yet, baby Moesha was first ! (we have met lots of girls with baby Moesha's real name, though) Then I asked what's her girl's middle name. It's the same ! We have two girls with identical first and middle name living next door and we didn't know (although we spell the middle name with first letter different) I was afraid to ask the neighbour what's her name (lol, it's different) But hopefully the girls will become really good friend and grow up together.

Baby Moesha also sleeps really well. We are back to two naps a day (we tried one but it didnt work at night for her to fall asleep) She now puts up a bit of a fight, and likes to be cuddled to sleep but then she sleeps till anywhere between 11 - 2 am, takes a bottle and goes back to sleep in no time and then sleeps till anywhere between 7.30 - 8.30. Not too shabby !!!