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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What happens in Boston ....

One day, during the time I lived in Boston, I had this most delicious treat. It was a sandwich with something inside, that involved tomato sauce, and cheese and something else. I could not for the longest time figure out what it is. People tried to explain me, but I was not getting it. Only few months later, I finally understood it's called Eggplant parmesan.

I have tried to make eggplant several times. The first time it worked, but then never again. I actually hated it. I hated the structure, and taste (now I know that I haven't baked it enough so it never got soft) I never tried the Eggplant parmesan, until this week.

First piece, I fried. Oh boy, that thing absorbs quite a lot of oil ! So then I found this non fry recipe, and I made it tonight and it's absolutely delicious. I'm of course, eating it with bread as a sandwich. If you're interested, try it.


Nikki said...

Since you asked about the stroller...we've actually ordered the new Baby Jogger City Select stroller. It's the one that you can rearrange into all kinds of 1 or 2 kid combinations - car seats, regular seats and all. It's pretty cool, can't wait until it ships! I'll still keep my original single city elite because it's rad and good for jogging with.

Nikki said...

Well, the Scott Road clinic promises to put it in the report if it's possible to see the gender, but they are zip-lipped at the actual appt. All my friends went to other clinics that supposedly won't determine and all of their techs told them if they wanted to know. It's so hit or miss. And, no extra fee yet. If there's a fee, you may as well just go to a 3D clinic and get the whole experience.