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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Baby Shower !!!!

My day started pretty miserable. I woke up just to find out that my cell phone is still not working (we changed the providers yesterday) There are tons of people who must have my valid number (and same one, preferably): midwife, new OB who hasn't called me yet, other people, etc. So I am calling in between both providers, new and old the whole morning, they keep transferring me, hanging up on me, losing connection, telling me different things each time. At one point I just broke down and started crying. I definitely do not mind outsourcing, in fact I am one of the few who are fans (well, we got our jobs cause it was outsourced to Canada in the first place) and I realize it's great to get money and bump up economy in those countries that need it really bad. But what happened to me this morning is totally ridicolous. I don't mind outsourcing, like I said, but I hate the quality of the customer support (if you can call it that) Fido and Telus is now providing. In the end they told me that it will take one week for my number to be activated. With my due date fast approaching and the GD complications, I don't think I can be without the phone for one whole week.

I was supposed to be at a Knitting party at my friend's at 11 but I had to call her that I will be late. When I was calling, I was still crying.
Then I left (she lives very close to me) and almost got into an accident, by a guy who just really had to be one car ahead (he had a baby in his car, too !!! I absolutely hate these aggressive drivers, yet alone when they have kids in the car. I got to my friends and there was no Knitting Party !!!
It was a baby shower, my synchro skating team was surprising me with. They apparently started planning while we were in Kelowna and they were just told I'm pregnant ( I was still skating until 4 months, and didn't tell anyone, but that was my last skating, I quit after that for the season) I can't believe I didn't find out, cause I normally do find out about things like this. I guess the clues and puzzle them together lol
I got so much stuff !! So much that now I feel embarassed for getting so much. There is so much clothes, books, diaper cake, hand crochetted blanket (wow!!!), even an amazing gift certificate (that one will go towards the swing and hand breast pump that I still don't have) I really couldn't believe it. Everyone came to celebrate my baby and oh, I loved those cards, so adorable. I'm definitely going to keep them all to show my baby one day. And I even got another $3.50 coupon off for my favorite eco diapers, so I went to Walmart get them right away before I lose it.

Then when I got home, another friend (from school) shows up with more gifts. OMG !! Baby can now come any day (actually wait till the 11th of June cause we still don't have the stroller with the car seat)

Here is one picture (hopefully I'll be getting better ones) And no, I didn't knit a single stitch, but I was told another Knitting party will be happening soon.

This is my skating team's first baby, can you believe it, over the years, no-one had a baby on team (they had babies before or after, but not during)
And my cell phone is still NOT working!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

38 days left !!

I am getting restless. I can't wait anymore !! Unfortunately I know my due date is the right one (no guessing) So I cannot just go and say ok, it's time for the baby now, probably, let's get things started lol .... I really have to wait.

I had the clinic today. I am doing good !! However, the units of insulin were increased. So now Im on the max what the needles can handle and if it is increased next week again, which most likely will, I will have to do two shots.

My right leg is getting restless too. I am advised to keep my feet up (swelling) by the clinic, but to lean forward as much as I can (puts the baby in the right position and prevents back labor) by my midwife. I had a massage today to help with the leg, it hurt ! The only thing that helps me is my elliptical trainer, actually.

The baby now not only kicks, but she also keeps her legs in where she just kicked for a while (she's stretching) It's so neat cause we can totally feel the little bumps here and there. She still gets hiccups and we can feel them with the hand. So cool !

I had a lazy day. I wanted to sleep, but couldn't, even if my cats were helping me. I also didn't want to do anything, although there is so much I could do... Some days are just like that. I dont even want to go sleep, since i cant sleep anyway and it is hurting my right leg. But its ok, Im not complaining, just stating :) Im still not miserable at all... Im totally loving this.

P.S. Just found out that my step-niece is studying to be a fashion designer so my mom immediately booked her to sew dresses for my baby !!!! Wow !!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

39 days left !!!

And I'm still feeling great, not miserable at all !! My baby belly is growing so big and I'm loving it. Yesterday, the baby both had hiccups and was kicking at the same time. Multitasking like mama !!!

We bought a stroller. Of course, as soon as we bought it, I'm already not happy with it. I now want a jogger. But they don't come with the car seat and those alone are at least $200. So unless I find someone I can borrow it from, I will keep the stroller we bought. We also bought a mattrace and I organized all my baby clothes (or at least I hope it's all, I fear there are more boxes in the garage) I also finished creating the wall art - the teddy bears pictures from the old calendar. They are so adorable !! I have a feeling the baby's room will be the most beautiful room in the whole house (right now, one of the bathroom is, I'm totally in love with it)

My MIL is going to help me saw some stuff, the windows curtains, the rocking chair I got from a friend, and few more things. We will go together buy a fabric, probably next week (she's busy this week) That will be fun !!! I would like to do it myself but I don't think the baby would like my sewing skills.

I don't like going to sleep now. I stay awake a long time and when I fall asleep, it's time to wake up and go P. I only get good sleep in the morning (I love sleeping in the mornings, Im a night person) but it's usually time to get up. I like the twighlight naps but don't want to take them cuase then I sleep even less at night.

I also washed all my diapers, snapped them for the smallest size and inserted the inserts. So that's ready too !!!

I am also being transferred to an OB due to my diabetes complications. Bummer !! Turns out when someone gets on insulin, midwife cannot stay the main health care provider. That's ok though. Im really happy that it was caught so early and that I'm being advised to watch my diet and stuff. One of my new online friends I just made gave birth to her baby and the baby was born blind, complication of GD, that hasn't been caught as early as mine, she said. If one more person tells me these tests are stupid or even not necessary as the possibility one has it is so small, I'm seriously going to freak out. I don't like to be frustrated by people who do not understand the danger of these things and think that everything can be treated with homeopatics and time (which when you're pregnant you don't really have)

So now, we have a stroller, crib, changing table (oh I found the plastic boxes that fit, in Ikea !! I wanted the wicker baskets but would you believe they do not have those in BC at all, at least those that would fit? ) I have two playpens and tons of clothes.

So now we only need to clean up, saw things I mentioned above, and get the little bathtub and make some washing stuff and wipes. Oh and a baby, we need to get the baby too. Then we're all set !!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The doctors - why I dont want them

A friend of mine recently told me (it's the one I mentioned previously few times) "oh but you love going to doctors" Well, not really. But I just don't hate them as much as she does. But it's not fun regardless. Today I went again for my diabetes checkup. There were so many people !!! I went in with a nurse, to check on the numbers and then went to see the Dr. I was the only one waiting. I went to the washroom and when I came back, there were 4 more ladies already waiting for him too. There was no seat to sit down and I had to go around the corner. I started freaking out, because I was already waiting for more then 30 minutes, and I was thinking that when he's done with previous patient, he will not see me and will take someone else. After almost an hour I was almost in tears, frustrated with the long wait and my wild visions of being ignored. So yes, I really love going to the doctors. I have nothing better then just sit in a waiting room full of germs I guess and wait till allelujah.

The numbers though are getting better, however I got my insulin numbers increased. Not happy !!! But as long as it's getting under control. Im also starting to getting some water retention, although I don't notice, he did. But given I have little over 5 weeks left, I'm still doing awesome !! There was a lady with a due date about a month after me (I overheard) and she was twice my size (not kidding) My belly is getting really big but otherwise I don't see any other gain (there may be some but I don't see it) I don't feel big, or elephanty or gross or anything like that !!!

Also a very close friend of mine from Prague just emailed me she's pregnant too, and her due date is few weeks after mine. Well hello, you tell me just now? All the time you knew that I'm having a baby but didn't say anything? Never mind, I forgive you anyway, congratulations, Gabi and let's hope for a soon playdate :) She's having a girl like we are yay !!

After that I went to Ikea, unfortunately, and I had this awesome salmon plate lunch. OMG that was so good, I was starving so much (I now can only eat every 4 hours only) I had it before but I don't remember it tasting so good. See how hard I'm trying to control my diet? Salmon, veggies, boiled potatoes and diet coke (plus a look at lingonberry desert) This kind of lunch does wonders with the blood sugar.

And I also got these awesome boxes for the shelves for the baby's clutter, like toys, craft... this baby will be very organized, eventhough B doesn't think so as of yet and hates those boxes lol !! but they look really good and will organize the small toys and stuff very nicely. Once my nursery is done I'll post pictures

P.S. Got the email from my midwife. The baby was curled and they couldn't peak at the gender to double check. So for now, the baby is still a girl (and hopefully stay that way) All other things that resulted in the need of my u's (low lying placenta and RVOT, whatever that means) are solved !!!! So all looks great and we're ready to go. I can have a baby anyday between now and about 6 weeks, if I go to labour, they will not stop it anymore. So I am officially on a baby watch already and just waiting. But didn't I mention it yesterday? So excited !!

Missed Desperate housewifes finale

Our DVD broke down on Sunday but didn't return any error message. Weird that it broke down for my show, not for my husband's one. But it may be a coincidence. So if anyone watched it, can you please leave me a post what happened? I heard Lynnette is pregnant? But that's all I know. We had fun watching Survivor though not knowing DH is not taping.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

33w3d - appointments

I had my midwife appt this morning. All goes well !! I asked lots of questions including if I can bring blender to the hospital which apparently is a very silly question. I also didn't gain weight in about seven weeks which is starting to get worrisome, but baby is healhtly, getting enough food, and growing, so that's all what counts. And if she takes my own weight, fine by me !!! If this continues, the day after labour I will be below my starting weight. Again, fine by me, I guess. BP is great too, 110/60 or something, whatever that means. Not high at all. The baby is now in the right position to be born, head down, and probably will not be moving anymore. My belly is now sticking out but you still can't tell from the behind Im 8 monhts pregnant. Anyway im at the point that if i go to labour now, they will not stop it but will go on with it !! So the baby can be born any day between now and next 6-7 weeks. Also turns out that due to my GD I have to go see an oB/gyn, too. So after all im getting the best of both worlds.

Then we went to EI, just to ask few questions. It's so impossible to call them and get through so I rather go there in person. Turns out I still have to call them, bummer !!

Next, was the u/s to double check on my placenta, RVOT and the gender. This time we went to the place close to where we live. They still wouldn't tell me (oh I hate this policy !!!) but at least he checked this time (and will tell my midwife) They wouldn't tell me if the baby is ok, or if placenta moved, or RVOT is ok, just nothing. He wouldn't even tell me if he was able to see the gender or not, yet alone if the baby is still a girl. I do have a feeling though that at one point the guy said "her legs" but I'm not totally sure. My next appt is next Friday so I will ask again.

And now I'm exhausted but I have to plant my 4 baby tomatoes plants. Then I will go clean the catnip off my cats and the floor. The monkeys have learnt how to open the catnip bottle !!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

33w1d - random updates

Ok, i have now less then 7 weeks left, how fast it goes !! I thought i will never get here but it's here and yet it still feels so far away. Today I was having some pains but we went for a walk and it went away. It came back as soon as I sat down.

We set up the crib and the changing table. There is something recalled but I can't figure out what it is, so I ordered the recalled part replacement and we're really courious what will come. I'm going to Ikea tomorrow to buy frames so I can make the teddy bear pictures from the old calendar and buy some boxes to organize stuff. Once the recalled part arrives, we will buy the mattrace and set up the bedding. My MIL wants to come over one day and sew the curtains for the baby's room so it matches the bedding. It will be so cute !! I love sitting in the rocking chair and just stare into the blank. I dont know why... That room has some really cute atmosphere even if it's not set up properly.

Otherwise everything goes well. I still can bend, do a split, tie my shoes etc. I just can do pretty much anything !!! Except sitting long time and sleep (sleep is a challenge, I wake up so often and cannot get into that deep stage)

The sugar is getting under control as well. Today the number was so low that I actually had to have a lunch earlier then I supposed to. So I am now thinking i just have regular gestational diabetes, not the regular one. We will of course see once the baby is born. But its also very interesting to see how I react to different foods and what works for me and what doesn't. I had no idea about some foods and their reaction. For one, I am not a breakfast person. But actually the breakfast for me is what works the best - the sugar goes down really fast and before lunch it's totally under control. I like to eat at night and that's where I am struggling.

My husband commented on my belly. He thinks it grows really big in the past few days. He said he thought it looked still small for 8 monhts few days ago. Funny, huh? I thought when i will get pregnant I will gain so much weight and all over, but im only gaining in my tummy and my belly is sticking out and it's firm (not soft and melted all over) Pretty much anything in my pregnancy is a total surprise, nothing goes like I thought or books told me will happen lol (I had no nausea, no cravings, except sugar, no headaches, no discomfort, except some back pains, but who doens't have back pain these days, I have no fears or panic from the upcoming labor, etc) Fine with me !!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GD update - 32w4d

Turns out there were no good news after all. I lost about 4 pounds since last week, yet my sugar numbers are so bad I am now on insulin shots. The baby is fine, they say it won't affect her or me, but I have to be really really careful so she doesn't get too much sugar and develop the diabetes herself. I am quite scared even though they say this is common. I am sure it is, but still, once you are in that situation, you don't really care about the commoness.

This makes me even more mad at one of my friend who thought I shouldn't go for the GD test in the first place, that the doctors are looking for things that are not there and have nothing better to do then label you with diseases. That the possibility of being diagnosed is so low it's not even worth it. Yet i did fall into that small possibility and even into insulin-needed cateogry !! While there are lots of test this could apply, the GD test is not one of them !!!! When caught this early (well kinda), and the adjustments are done, both baby and mama will be fine. If not, the baby will face serious health issues, and what kind of friends I have to advise me against these critical tests because she refused herself (fortunately she was the lucky one and didn't have any GD so she thinks no one should go for these tests I guess) Not everything can be treated with organic food and homeopatics. I did eat well, excercised, I had no symptoms, absolutely none, yet I was diagnosed and quite seriously. All my other friends are very supportive, and are glad it was caught on time and wish me luck, except that one.

My mom also did some research and turns out one of my cousins also had GD with her baby. I plan to find out some more information when I can. We may have it in the family genes after all.

When I went to the pharmacy they asked me if I want a pen or syringes. I wanted syringes. Pens are so difficult (i have to mix it) and I know how to use needless already. So they said ok, we'll give you syringes and then they gave me a pen. Why, don't know, but it frustrates me people don't listen. I asked them to replace it and now I got my 100 pieces of needles. I'm happy about it (well not really but the shot-wise I am) I took the first shot and I didn't feel a single thing. It's really really easy.

Ok so that's all for now, and I'm off to do some self-pitiness now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The sugar update II

Tomorow I have the meeting with the doctor. I hope that he will give me some good news !!! I have figured out quite a few things so far.

This is what works for me: Breakfast - cereals with half banana and milk. Chocolage fudgicles, 2g of sugar each. Midnight snack: fruit with plain yogurt (they say don't eat fruit before breakfast but it works for my ketons, not so much for the morning sugar but not that bad) Exercise (I have the elliptical trainer at home)

This is what I found out I hate: no sugar food, artificial sweeteners (I only like the Diet coke, hate everything else) I would rather eat plain yoghurt then the artifically sweetened one. I do have full fridge of those so I will finish it but I will not be buying anymore of that crap.

My MIL is a very good cook and she's so sweet. She made me tons of veggies on Saturday and I am eating it with every food. Especially her broccoli is so good !! Today I had some for my dinner, with piece of chicken and mashed potatoes/cauliflower and my sugar was 5.7 with a target of 7.8 or lower one hour after the meal !!! I did throw one short excercise in it, though, but still, isn't that great ?

I colded the baby twice already. Someone told me if you put ice pack on your tummy, she will start moving away. I hated that idea but now I tried it, just really really shortly (I don't want to cold my baby at all) and it really works !! I am sure she is still nice warm and snuggly inside, it's just a funny excercise. I don't think I will be doing it anymore, though. People say drink orange juice to make the baby move but juice is off limits for me now. But I have a baby doppler I got on eBay so if in doubt i can quickly check and assure myself the baby is ok.

7 more weeks to go yay !!! I am not having any discomfort, or at least not seeing any, I feel great, I can't sleep, crave sugar, P all the time, fun times !!! But I do consider it feeling great. Cause I don't know if I should feel any different, I think myself that most women at this point have way more discomfort, thats why I think I feel great. I could stay pregnant forever, I wouldn't mind (I think) Except I cannot wait to meet my little baby girl !!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The sugar update

Turns out one of my cousins had GD as well. So we may after all have it in the family. I also think we have had pre-eclampsia so I'm watching for that very very carefully but I think at this point I'm fine, my blood pressure is low low low even for a non pregnant woman, yet alone 8th month.

I am doing quite good with sugar, though (I think) What works for me is the one cup of Life cereals and half banana with milk for breakfast, my sugar before lunch is just awesome !! So awesome I had 14g-sugar ice popsicle. And guess what, before dinner I was only 0.1 point above the target (which is 5.3) I am usually about 6-7.5 range. I have the eliptical trainer at home that I got for free on Craiglist so I do it several times a day. I did it after my dinner today and my sugar was 0.8 under the target, which is huge !!! So Im going to have some spinach ice-cream for midnight snack (Don't worry, I love that thing, I've been making it now for years and Im totally addicted and i love grossing people out)

Today we washed (well not me, I was napping) the carpet in baby's room. Once it dries, we will set up the crib and then I will go to Ikea to buy the pictures frames so I can create the teddy bear collage from an old calendar. That will be so cute !!! I did the similar collage with bizzare paintings of old city of Prague for downstairs in the kitchen and it's just so beautiful. I love it, really. And it was so cheap... I just bought frames, stained them, I got papers in Michaels and I took the old calendar from grandma she got from my mom's work for free.

When we were moving out the stuff to wash the carpet (we have our own machine, courtesy of the cats throwing up every other day), my husband saw all the baby clothes. He said (ironically) Oh my god we don't have enough clothes!! To which I replied I know !!! We really have a lot lol ... but it's ok, they are all so cute and I'm sure we will indeed find out we really don't have enough eventually. I just have to sort it by sizes and once baby outgrows it I will save it for the next (two) one(s). For all that trouble with the sugar and stuff I'm going through, I would think I deserve to get some more baby clothes and equipment, no?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's day !

This will be my real first Mother's day. So what the baby is not born yet, it doesn't matter ! I am already a mommy (although still in waiting) but it's ok. My baby is here (even if still in my tummy) and I deserve to have a very special day.

Last year I was heartbroken over the problems we were having and all the issues that happened to me. I was on a medical leave from work, and just about nothing went right. It was the worse year I ever had.

I know now that this was the plan written in my fate book. Without everything, I would not be able to apply for adoption. If I could just get pregnant just like that, I would probably have my three babies by now and there would be one day somewhere a little girl waiting for her mommy, but it wouldn't be me.

This year, I have two babies on the way. One will be born in about 8 weeks, one hasn't been even conceived yet. Tomorrow is going to be a very special day for me, first of many and I am going to enjoy it !!

We have a LID !!!

I just found out that we have a LID: April 16th, 2009. Yay !!!! So that means, we may be matched with a baby in June 2012. Now the real waiting starts. Ive been told the current waiting times are approx 38 weeks, so I may be able to have one more baby before we go to China, or I will have to wait, I don't know at this point. The waiting time will most likely go up by the time we get closer. I would kind of like to have one more before, and kind of want to wait once we're back with our new daughter. We will see how things go. Either way it's so exciting !!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

31w3d - My last day of work (for good)

So while the previous post was regarding the last day of work before my maternity leave, as of today it's clear it was my last day of work ever. I will not be able to go back to my work and will look for another one once my maternity leave is over.

I also went to the GD education class today. It didn't start well. Who's freaking coming to the 9am class at 9.45. Full of McDonalds breakfast (We all have GD, remember, moron !!!) So the class was delayed and at 31+ weeks it's just not fun to wait 45 minutes for some morons who don't think they need to be on time. So I am trying to switch for another hospital, who is little better organized (if you're not there, we are starting without you and you will have to book another day, your fault!!! Noone will be waiting for you 45+ minutes, even if you pay for their parking that got extended thanks to you) I am developing zero tolerance for unnecessarily waiting and i definitely remember and still regret that I didn't switch places in the past, specifically last summer when given the chance. Not switching is not paying off for me. You get one chance and if you screw up, I'm done. I learnt my lessons (finally)

Ok, off to poking my finger to check on the sugar. Yikes.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

31w - I'ts my last day today !!

I never ever thought this day will come, it seemed to be so far !! But it really really happened. Today is my last day at work. There will be no more commuting (at least for a year), no more traffic nightmares (although I go off rush hour, it's still sometimes frustrating), gas bills, late night driving home, sitting whole day, etc. I am really going to miss few things: my friends the mostly, I made so many in those 3.5 years I've been here. I'm going to miss the free pop we have at work, the gym we have just next to the office. But there are tons of things I will not miss at all.

So today I'm sitting here, and I dont have to work. But I'm bored so I'm still going to work little. I cannot just sit here for 8 hours and do nothing... I need to pack few of my things, return the parking pass and that's pretty much all.

Tomorrow I will officially start my new job: Mommy in waiting. As of today, I have 2 monhts and 2 days left to my official due date. However, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Thursday so we may have the baby little earlier. I am also going to pack my hospital bag early and finally clean the house (I've been promissing this for years, I know!!) I have to organize my craft supplies and list whatever I have for sale. I will also do lots of walking and organize baby's nursery. We are pretty much all set, except we have to buy a stroller with a car seat and get the little bathtub. Otherwise I have everything I think.

I also found a photographer. She seems nice !! I really want some cool pregnancy pictures but everyone is so expensive. With the ongoing adoption on top of this baby we can't really afford the regular rates so everything we can get little cheaper just helps !!

I'm loving my pre-natal classes. They are so much fun and I'm learning so much !! I do not have any fears or panic from the upcoming labor. Not even one. I find it little weird, and I also find it weird that I'm looking forward the pain and stuff !! But again, for me everything is a part of adventure. Even vacation, the flight or travelling is not the necessary evil, but the adventure itself. So this kind of approach may be why I don't really have fears.

Tomorrow we're going to Vancouver to attend some kind of baby fair. I don't really know what to expect but nevertheless we're excited. I hope to get some goodies, maybe, and see all the cool accessories they will say my baby absolutely needs. So that will be awesome to see. We're not taking much $$ just in case so they cannot convince us to buy everything lol...

Ok, bye bye work !!!