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Monday, May 18, 2009

33w1d - random updates

Ok, i have now less then 7 weeks left, how fast it goes !! I thought i will never get here but it's here and yet it still feels so far away. Today I was having some pains but we went for a walk and it went away. It came back as soon as I sat down.

We set up the crib and the changing table. There is something recalled but I can't figure out what it is, so I ordered the recalled part replacement and we're really courious what will come. I'm going to Ikea tomorrow to buy frames so I can make the teddy bear pictures from the old calendar and buy some boxes to organize stuff. Once the recalled part arrives, we will buy the mattrace and set up the bedding. My MIL wants to come over one day and sew the curtains for the baby's room so it matches the bedding. It will be so cute !! I love sitting in the rocking chair and just stare into the blank. I dont know why... That room has some really cute atmosphere even if it's not set up properly.

Otherwise everything goes well. I still can bend, do a split, tie my shoes etc. I just can do pretty much anything !!! Except sitting long time and sleep (sleep is a challenge, I wake up so often and cannot get into that deep stage)

The sugar is getting under control as well. Today the number was so low that I actually had to have a lunch earlier then I supposed to. So I am now thinking i just have regular gestational diabetes, not the regular one. We will of course see once the baby is born. But its also very interesting to see how I react to different foods and what works for me and what doesn't. I had no idea about some foods and their reaction. For one, I am not a breakfast person. But actually the breakfast for me is what works the best - the sugar goes down really fast and before lunch it's totally under control. I like to eat at night and that's where I am struggling.

My husband commented on my belly. He thinks it grows really big in the past few days. He said he thought it looked still small for 8 monhts few days ago. Funny, huh? I thought when i will get pregnant I will gain so much weight and all over, but im only gaining in my tummy and my belly is sticking out and it's firm (not soft and melted all over) Pretty much anything in my pregnancy is a total surprise, nothing goes like I thought or books told me will happen lol (I had no nausea, no cravings, except sugar, no headaches, no discomfort, except some back pains, but who doens't have back pain these days, I have no fears or panic from the upcoming labor, etc) Fine with me !!


A n T said...

Glad to hear that all is going well. How will the upcoming labor be? All Natural? Meds?

Molly said...

Im going to start au natural. i have a midwife so i know i will not have to be confined to the bed like when you have a doctor. I have learnt lots of tricks and tips to speed things up and relieve the pain. So that's how we will start. If i find things are unbearable, we can always add meds, I wont be upset or dissapointed. But I really want to feel the baby moving and have control over things and I dont want to be in the bed for hours !!! We also want to be completely alone, just me, DH and midwife and dim lights :)