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Monday, May 11, 2009

The sugar update

Turns out one of my cousins had GD as well. So we may after all have it in the family. I also think we have had pre-eclampsia so I'm watching for that very very carefully but I think at this point I'm fine, my blood pressure is low low low even for a non pregnant woman, yet alone 8th month.

I am doing quite good with sugar, though (I think) What works for me is the one cup of Life cereals and half banana with milk for breakfast, my sugar before lunch is just awesome !! So awesome I had 14g-sugar ice popsicle. And guess what, before dinner I was only 0.1 point above the target (which is 5.3) I am usually about 6-7.5 range. I have the eliptical trainer at home that I got for free on Craiglist so I do it several times a day. I did it after my dinner today and my sugar was 0.8 under the target, which is huge !!! So Im going to have some spinach ice-cream for midnight snack (Don't worry, I love that thing, I've been making it now for years and Im totally addicted and i love grossing people out)

Today we washed (well not me, I was napping) the carpet in baby's room. Once it dries, we will set up the crib and then I will go to Ikea to buy the pictures frames so I can create the teddy bear collage from an old calendar. That will be so cute !!! I did the similar collage with bizzare paintings of old city of Prague for downstairs in the kitchen and it's just so beautiful. I love it, really. And it was so cheap... I just bought frames, stained them, I got papers in Michaels and I took the old calendar from grandma she got from my mom's work for free.

When we were moving out the stuff to wash the carpet (we have our own machine, courtesy of the cats throwing up every other day), my husband saw all the baby clothes. He said (ironically) Oh my god we don't have enough clothes!! To which I replied I know !!! We really have a lot lol ... but it's ok, they are all so cute and I'm sure we will indeed find out we really don't have enough eventually. I just have to sort it by sizes and once baby outgrows it I will save it for the next (two) one(s). For all that trouble with the sugar and stuff I'm going through, I would think I deserve to get some more baby clothes and equipment, no?

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