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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Baby Shower !!!!

My day started pretty miserable. I woke up just to find out that my cell phone is still not working (we changed the providers yesterday) There are tons of people who must have my valid number (and same one, preferably): midwife, new OB who hasn't called me yet, other people, etc. So I am calling in between both providers, new and old the whole morning, they keep transferring me, hanging up on me, losing connection, telling me different things each time. At one point I just broke down and started crying. I definitely do not mind outsourcing, in fact I am one of the few who are fans (well, we got our jobs cause it was outsourced to Canada in the first place) and I realize it's great to get money and bump up economy in those countries that need it really bad. But what happened to me this morning is totally ridicolous. I don't mind outsourcing, like I said, but I hate the quality of the customer support (if you can call it that) Fido and Telus is now providing. In the end they told me that it will take one week for my number to be activated. With my due date fast approaching and the GD complications, I don't think I can be without the phone for one whole week.

I was supposed to be at a Knitting party at my friend's at 11 but I had to call her that I will be late. When I was calling, I was still crying.
Then I left (she lives very close to me) and almost got into an accident, by a guy who just really had to be one car ahead (he had a baby in his car, too !!! I absolutely hate these aggressive drivers, yet alone when they have kids in the car. I got to my friends and there was no Knitting Party !!!
It was a baby shower, my synchro skating team was surprising me with. They apparently started planning while we were in Kelowna and they were just told I'm pregnant ( I was still skating until 4 months, and didn't tell anyone, but that was my last skating, I quit after that for the season) I can't believe I didn't find out, cause I normally do find out about things like this. I guess the clues and puzzle them together lol
I got so much stuff !! So much that now I feel embarassed for getting so much. There is so much clothes, books, diaper cake, hand crochetted blanket (wow!!!), even an amazing gift certificate (that one will go towards the swing and hand breast pump that I still don't have) I really couldn't believe it. Everyone came to celebrate my baby and oh, I loved those cards, so adorable. I'm definitely going to keep them all to show my baby one day. And I even got another $3.50 coupon off for my favorite eco diapers, so I went to Walmart get them right away before I lose it.

Then when I got home, another friend (from school) shows up with more gifts. OMG !! Baby can now come any day (actually wait till the 11th of June cause we still don't have the stroller with the car seat)

Here is one picture (hopefully I'll be getting better ones) And no, I didn't knit a single stitch, but I was told another Knitting party will be happening soon.

This is my skating team's first baby, can you believe it, over the years, no-one had a baby on team (they had babies before or after, but not during)
And my cell phone is still NOT working!

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A n T said...

Awh how awesome that you got a surprise baby shower with lots og goodies!!!

About the cell phone. Have your old provider reactivate your phone for one week until the new service is activated. Or have them route your cell phone number to another temporary phone that way you are not missing any calls.