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Monday, June 1, 2009

Another baby shower !!!

On Sunday, I had another baby shower !! This one was organized by my husband and his family, and lots of their friends, and my friends from work and one Czech one came. It was so cool ! I just wanted to talk to everyone and everytime I went to start opening the gifts, I got distracted by yet another person I really had to talk. The baby is totally spoiled. She got so many outfits, little things like blankets, sockies (did you know how tiny the baby socks are!!!), and I especially loved the Bear baby bible (we're not that religious but I really wanted to get a children bible (and children koran) so she knows the basic stories from these two books) and the swing, that I didn't have yet. I spent today's evening making my own scrapbooked Thank you cards, cause I decided those sets from dollar store (10 for $1) will just not be good enough. My cards I made are really pretty. I'll post a picture when I download it.
Today is very hot. It's not a secret I hate summers. I absolutely do and I always had. My favorite is autumn and winter. I really don't get, why people love being hot, sweaty, why they love not being able to sleep and being sunburnt. When someone says I love this heat, the hotter the better, I just roll my eyes. For me, the ideal weather is rain, wind, fogs, snow, cold, just those awesome miserable days when all you want to do is to stay home and snuggle in your bed with your cats and a basket of knitting. I always say, when you're cold, you can put a sweater on, or take another blanket. But what do you do when you're hot? Nothing!!!
Summers for me are totally miserable. I hate hate hate them. This one will be different as I will finally have my baby but I'm sure I'll resume with longing for autumn and winter pretty soon.


Nikki said...

Have any suggestions for the best shower gift ever? My mom is going crazy giving people suggestions when they ask!

kortney said...

I fully agree on the hotness issue. I hate being hot. Like really hate it - I'd much rather be cold and snuggle in a blanket!

Molly said...

Hi Nikki, I think the best is to have a baby registry. I had one in Babies r us but except one friend, noone looked LOL ! But it also helps me to remember what I liked there. I got lots of clothes, but I think when I go to another baby shower myself for someelses baby, i will buy things like books (but with books its tricky, cause im very specific about what yes and what not, i dont like the new age books, i like the classic ones much better), CDs sets, eco-diapers (like Huggies pure and natural) The most of all I liked is the swing I got from the family (although a friend just told me after she could lend me hers which I would prefer cuase i can then return it to her) and I loved the Bear baby bible !!! So the registry would probably work the best so then you can choose what you could use and your mom can give out the number!!

A n T said...


SO glad that your had such a great turnout at the shower! And you're about to roll your eyes at me because I love summer. I hate being cold and would prefer to live somewhere where it is hot year round! I got a taste of it when I was in the military and stationed in Bahrain and Guam. Loved the warm weather!