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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

35w3d - belly shot

I finally got a good belly shot ! I took so many I hated, but im in love with this one. I went to Walmart in the afternoon for a photoshoot but I still like this one way better. Plus its so expensive ! They have a package for $7.99 but you get one single shot. I chose to buy 5 separately that was $10 each. And if they enhance it, it's $20 per pic. I can do that free in photoshop !
I'm also working on few miniscrapbooks for my parents and MIL from the parties we just had. I got some nice pictures, and the scrapbooks are so cute. I realized (it suddenly hit me !!) that I cannot do everything so I'm dropping my scrapbooking business all together (maybe I will do some christmas paper bags, those do sell) I'll only keep my knitting, and Im trying the clippings. So now when I dont scrapbook for sale, I'll be doing some little projects as gifts. I think that will be way better. I am relieved, too !!! I was so busy, jumping all over things and never got anything finished. The only thing that really works for me sales-wise are my fingerless gloves. So I'll concentrate on that.


A n T said...

Awh so beautiful! You're looking good MaMa!

Michele said...

you look great! and yes, you are very welcome to link to my post!