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Monday, June 8, 2009

I am obsessed !!!! (with my belly shots)

I can't stop taking my belly shots. Most of the pictures are horrible, and unshareable, but from time to time a jewel one appears. Yay !! We got these taken at the Babies and bellies fair a day I stopped working. I just got them last week and I cannot stop staring at them. It was only $25 for few (which is fine), but the normal session would cost us $200 - 300 !!! Totally worth it. I am gonna try to go to another baby shower (this one is commercial, for pregnant mommies) tonight and I am hoping they will have another photographer there.


A n T said...


Nikki said...

Were by chance at the Welcome Wagon shower last night? Great photos by the way!

Molly said...

Nikki, I was ! I didnt like it, especially the offer of hosting a sex toys party, not really appropriate for a baby shower... but i won the door prize, the bag of books from the Surrey library !