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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Thank you cards

Like I said before, I couldn't use the $1 for 10 Thank you cards from the dollar store. So I made my own, scrapbook style ! Aren't they adorable ! The writting inside will be done in white with my gorgeous handwriting. I hope everyone who attended my baby showers will like them :) I also decided that I will make the birth announcement the same way. I will make similar cards and glue the picture of the baby inside. I do that with my Christmas cards and honestly, they are the nicest ones I see each year around.


Nikki said...

Oh those are very pretty. I've made similar type cards for years and people always seem to appreciate them. They look great.

A n T said...

Very nice. And I'm sure people will appreciate that you took the time to make them all yourself.