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Saturday, July 26, 2008


The recent fuel mayhem got us what we didn't bargain for: another BC ferries fuel surcharge increase. I think partially, that they just want to make a big profit instead of a smaller one. We all, though, are making smaller profits already (after all the stuff increased in prices, but the salaries didn't, we get to bring home and keep little less then we used to)

So now, there is time for some brainstorming. People should bring up ideas, what to do next.

Here is mine: they should finally build bridges. There are several advantages: the bridges will be "running" all night (in fact, all the time) The drive will be spectacular (as is the sail) and shorter (than is the sail) It will eventually be cheaper (that's for sure, with the fuel on rise) Only actual fuel (in cars) will be used (as opposed to a ferry running regardless of its capacity) And there are probably some more.

One of the arguments I've heard recently, is that building bridges would damage the marine life in the gulf and fjords. While I agree, that such a construction (and there were may similar bridges built around the world, even in environment-consious Scandinavia) would require a very sensitive handling, what does 120.000.000 litres of fuel monthly (sorry if I got the number wrong, but that's what I caught on the radio) do to our waters?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The sweetest message ever

I got this beautiful message from another member through my Etsy fundraising store. I got her permission to post it (without a name) It brought tears in my eyes when I read it.

I have been thinking of many creative ways to raise money
to find my 21 year old son's father,
whom he has never met.We reached the mark, yesterday.

I think that he would agree,
that a small bit of money should go your way,
for your amazing cause.

I will look, more closely, and, pick a pair of your lovely, fingerless gloves.

So many babies need love,
so that they can become the men and women that they want to be.

How could I not want to weave my support into the grace, that you are knitting?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy I'm riding away !!!

Today I went to a grocery store. When I was about to leave, I saw a girl sitting in a shopping cart, screaming: "Mommy I'm riding away !!!" as she really did !!! The shopping cart just started rolling, with the little girl inside. Her mother was half in the minivan, organizing some bags (I assume) She yelled at her: "Shut up don't you see I'm busy? "

A nice man caught the cart with the girl and stopped it. When her mother noticed, she got angry at him: "Don't touch it, who do you think you are !!"

So why aren't these parents questioned so much as the prospective (and most likely way better) adoptive parents?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Congratulations to my brother !!!

Oh wow, look he placed second in the 7th Slovakia Open in Bratislava, my brother !!! He's the one on the right, with that huge watermelon (his prize or his bowling ball ...???) in his hand.

Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia (July 3-6, 2008)

Thomas Gross from Austria won the title in the 7th Slovakia Open at Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia and the 2.500 Euro top prize. The European champion in Doubles averaged 238-plus in round robin to hold a 150-pin lead before the final position round.

Though he fell to #2 Miroslav Cifra, Czech Republic, 248-201, and #3 Peter Smits, Netherlands, posted a huge 276 game, Gross (center) cruised to victory with 2028 pinfall total.

Friday, July 11, 2008

China's Stolen Children

I got this message through one of my online groups:

Prior to and during the upcoming Olympic games, the media will bedevoting an abundance of attention to China, and as part of this newscoverage we anticipate that some reporting will be done about situations involving China's one-child policy and the allegations that some families are being paid to give up their children, who arebeing "trafficked" through the orphanage system.

HBO has scheduled its broadcast of a documentary entitled "China'sStolen Children" for Monday, July 14. (See Web link provided below for more information about this film.)

Other stories about child trafficking in China andelsewhere have been released recently in Europe, with increasing frequency during the last few months. Articles about trafficking touch on topics that include the sale of babies for adoption and older children into factory labor and/or prostitution.

For our children to hear or see such stories -- or to be told about them by friends who have seen them -- can cause them pain and possibly result in confusion about their own circumstances. Adopted children have a range of thoughts about their origins and their natural tendency to wonder about their lives before they joined our families. This means that stories about trafficking will almost certainly have an impact on them that we, as their parents, need to understand what is prompting these stories to be reported and be able to respond to our children's questions and concerns in appropriate ways.

To prepare ourselves for this possibility, we are passing along to you the following resources:

To learn more about "China's Stolen Children" go to:

For two articles that can help us in explaining trafficking tochildren we recommend that you go to the EMK Press Web site(

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to "The Impact of IllegalAdoption on One Family" by Julia Rowlings and "Telling AboutTrafficking" by Sheena Macrae.Or use your search engine to go to the EMKPress Web site, click onthe "Resources" tab, click on "Parent Resources" and scroll down tothe subsection entitled "Toolbox for Talking about Tough Topics withYour Child." You will see the titles of these two articles on thatscreen.

We hope that you find it useful to have access to these resourcesbefore these stories appear.

S Fry

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby's ponchette

It's no secret I'm very crafty and always create something. What is not known though is that I am on many, many craft mailing lists. Today, I got a letter from ePatterns central for an offer to purchase this supercute baby's ponchette's pattern. The email said:

"When the air is crisp, the baby will be hugged in in the warmth of this clever poncho. "

Well, if the air is crisp, the baby won't be in the bathing suit !!!

The ponchette is cool, though, and the pattern can be ordered here.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Second adoption step

We have passed second adoption step. I went to the seminar meeting and I learnt lots of very interesting things and even got more ideas. I met some really nice people. One couple, learnt they can adopt a baby with a month notice. That's pretty amazing !! Any more babies out there?

I also realized that I already have experience with adoption. That's our pretty munchkin's baby picture above !!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

One llama, please

I love these !!! They are so cute. I wish I'd have one and then I could just shave its yarn and make more mittens.

I asked my friend what's the difference between llama and alpaca. And she said: "What's the difference between cat and a dog? Llama is llama and alpaca is alpaca."

Who knew ....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I want a baby. She doesn't.

I learnt today that one of my friends' sister is pregnant. She is, though, going to have an abortion as she doesn't want to have a baby *right now*. How frustating is this !!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am more fascinated

I am more fascinated with the adoption. I hope the papers are arriving soon so we can start with the homestudy. I would never ever dream of going to China, but now it seems so real !!! Although I want her now, I think that this gives me time to finish school, that would be awesome. I feel that this adoption idea is giving me lots of peace, and there will definitely be at least one girl from China added to my family (so I can make that fascinating trip !!! lol)

Or maybe two, or three? Oops, who's going to pay for all of this?

Life ends with kids

My sil today told me that life ends when the kids are born (as in no more $, no more time, no more fun). I tried to tell her that it's not true, that when kids are born that's when the life really starts but to no avail. So if that's true why do I feel so empty now and I don't enjoy life without kids? Why these people get kids so easily but those who really want them don't?

Just for the record, the life really starts when the kids are born.

One funny for late Monday evening

From the school test (needless to say I've heard the student failed):