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Saturday, July 26, 2008


The recent fuel mayhem got us what we didn't bargain for: another BC ferries fuel surcharge increase. I think partially, that they just want to make a big profit instead of a smaller one. We all, though, are making smaller profits already (after all the stuff increased in prices, but the salaries didn't, we get to bring home and keep little less then we used to)

So now, there is time for some brainstorming. People should bring up ideas, what to do next.

Here is mine: they should finally build bridges. There are several advantages: the bridges will be "running" all night (in fact, all the time) The drive will be spectacular (as is the sail) and shorter (than is the sail) It will eventually be cheaper (that's for sure, with the fuel on rise) Only actual fuel (in cars) will be used (as opposed to a ferry running regardless of its capacity) And there are probably some more.

One of the arguments I've heard recently, is that building bridges would damage the marine life in the gulf and fjords. While I agree, that such a construction (and there were may similar bridges built around the world, even in environment-consious Scandinavia) would require a very sensitive handling, what does 120.000.000 litres of fuel monthly (sorry if I got the number wrong, but that's what I caught on the radio) do to our waters?

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