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Monday, March 29, 2010

On the go !!!

Baby Moesha is now crawling !! It's the cutest thing ever. She is one of the last babies in her baby friends group to get off the bellies and go places but the wait was really worth it. She can now go chase the ball or the remote (on this note, should I be worried that she will only crawl after the remote, but nothing else? Even if there are three toys closer to her, she will bypass them and won't stop till she gets that damn thing) She only started on Saturday, though.

I would post a video but we lost the cable (I did, actually) so you will get the Easter bunny picture instead.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The admissions

This post will refer to my experience with my school. I need to tell someone. I am having a very hard time, not only with the classes themselves, but also with the school itself. When I enrolled into the program, it was part time. Half way into they changed it for the full time only. I was pregnant, working full time and obviously I couldn't just drop everything including the to-be-benefits, and adjust to their requirements. I kept getting calls from various advisors that I have to do this and that and switch. That I must take 2 more classes then I was already taking to meet the requirements (if anyone out there was pregnant, and working full time and studying full time, let me know so I can get inspired) I was not felling well and this just added to my stress. I kept calling back and clarifying everything just to get another phone call few days later as noone really knew anything and they kept giving me incorrect information. To top it up, the last advisor called me to tell me that the first two classes I took when I started and which were the part of the program will no longer count towards my degree and that I will have to take two more. Perhaps it was an attempt of a struggling U to get more tuition $ from the students that are already broke, I don't know. This resulted in few sleepless night and yet another appointment with yet another student advisor (time, $ for parking and time to get there) who clarified that I do not need another courses.

Today, I went to apply for the course substition (one of the classes was replaced but I haven't taken it yet so that was fine) I went to pick up the form once already, but after 40 minutes of waiting they told me they ran out of forms so I have to come another day. So today, since I was in a little smaller rush (still rush cuase baby was crying and tired, but I had B with me) I wanted to get that form. I was told I must line up. Ok, not happy, but whatever. I need this done. Waiting and waiting. Holding the baby, she's crying. I finally get to talk to the lady, who just finished talking to previous student for 20 or so minutes and who gives me the form. She says Bring it back when you fill it out. I reply that I am going to fill it out right away. She says No, you have to read it first. I don't want to leave cause I don't want to wait in a line again and all I need to fill is the address and the course numbers. But she says that I can just come to talk to her.

So I leave. I fill my address but I don't have the course number. She has an access to my records though so I return about 2 minutes later. I wait in front of the whole line until she finishes her current student. She says You have to fill the course numbers. But I dont have them. So you have to go use the computer behind to look them up. I don't know how (I actually did try to look up the old numbers but since the program has changed, it's no longer posted) So she tells me to go to the archives. Again, I say I don't know how. So she starts showing me and she stops at the last link, that hides the needed number. SHe will though not click on that link and again sends me to the computer in the corner.

So I go. I move the mouse, but nothing is happening. Computer is plugged, but not working. So I return to the clerk. Again, i have to wait as she is with another student. I tell her neither computer is working. I know, she says. To my question, why did she send me there, she replies that I must now to go the library to use the computer there. The library is on the other side of the campus. She still has the Archive link that hides the damn needed number on her screen. I said I am not leaving and to click on that link. She says that wouldn't be fair to the students that are waiting in the line. I said I am just not leaving again and she finally clicks on that link and provides me with the precious course number. To not make it too easy, she pretends she cannot read the numbers i'm writting down.

I then ask that I need to change my last name too (as I still use the maiden name) To which she answers that I must go to the line as she cannot help me with that, because there have been other people waiting in the line that she needs to help first.

So in other words, I go line up, then I get to her, and I must go back to the end of the line cuase there are people who came after me whom she needs to help first? At that point, I just asked for her name to which she said that I dont need it, so I left and I'm going to have to write a letter with a complaint. I'll just describe her as the blonde lady on the left.

To make things even more interesting, today was the career's day. There were probably lots of new potential students that came for that fair and if she dealt with each and every one of them this way, I don't see how they would be attracted to this University upfront. I also don't see how she can spend 20+ minutes on the previous student but will go out of her way to keep sending me away with an issue that would probably take less then one minute. Am I not eligible to get help when I don't know what to do or what? Before I got to her, I overheard her conversation with the previous student, bits and pieces, and she didn't seem to rush at all, quite otherwise, she let the student talk about totally unrelated topis for a bit.

Today, I am not impressed with my school at all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Girlies (Warning: Extremely sad)

You may or may not know that I read lots of blogs. Two days ago, I came across a very sad story of beautiful twin girls, Sydney and Carynne. These little girls were born about a year and half ago, and at the age of 5.5 months they were both diagnosed with a fatal, Werdnig-Hoffman Disease and passed away one month later, a day apart from each other. I read just few first articles and I couldn't go on cause I was crying so hard. I really like how Brook, the mom (that was one of my favorite names to be considered for baby Moesha, btw, with 'e', though, as Brooke) writes about them, and the life after, and I am totally inspired with her fight against this disease. I dont know how to explain what I like about it, and I don't want her to misunderstand should she come across this post, but there is something really heavenly and angelic and so private yet she found a gentle way to share it with her family and friends and blog readers. She is so strong and really inspirational. She also posted lots of beautiful pictures of her gorgeous babies, that just melt one's heart. This mom is one of those rare people that are able to make a difference.

I have never ever heard about this disease. But becuase I like to know things, I looked it up. So if you'd like to learn something new, please go ahead and look it up too. The more we know, the more chances there are that we will make difference, donation, spread the word, and help those who need it.

If you want to read their story, visit

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blaine, WA

I love going to the States. I actually do love States and I feel blessed that I live so close that I can go anytime I want. Not that I have time to go, but I have a Nexus card to save me a bit of that.

Yesterday was such a pretty day, and me, baby Moesha and our friend Sue went to Blaine. We've been few times before and it's just a breeze. We live exactly 19 km from the Costcutters (I measured the distance from the gas station) Now, with the Nexus card, you just fly through.

Not yesterday.

There was a line up. Scratch that. There were two line ups. I coudln't figure out what's going on. Sue seemed to know more, but still, I was not convinced. Until I realized: the other people are just trying to cut in !!!

That is something I hate the most. Cutting the lanes (and such, like abusing HOV lanes, running through the orange light etc) So not in this life time I am letting a single car in front of me. Seriously, why would someone think that they just arrive, and oops, look at that wait, why bother, I'm gonna go to the front and just cut in. I'm too good to wait like others.

And cars keep coming and coming and those dumbasses-forgetmylanguageyouknowineverswear- DID LET THEM MERGE (forget the big letters, you know I never use those neither cause it's dumb and childish) But I am really madmadmad. It was actually a field of frustration, and a driver in front of us went out to ask the guards if they can do something (kudos to him for doing that and bucket of rotten tomatoes for doing that cause while he was out, a space created in front of his driverless car and more dumb$%& merged)

I sticked to my plan and did not let anyone in. I waited and waited and I on top of that had a screaming baby in the back. I did not let even the "nice lady" which she is now known as, who threatened to hit me if I don't let her go and who refused to go to the end cause "I have been waiting here for a long time" Well when she arrived she went straight to the front. So in my books, that doesn't count.

We kept bumping into her in the stores in Blaine. I wanted to go and tell her something but Sue just thought it would be best to let it go. I know the nice lady didn't know I have a baby (I have dark windows in the back so you can't see inside) This is what I could tell her:

Me: Hi, don't you just love this store
nice lady: yeah it's great
Me: Do you come here often?
nice lady: i do, all the time
Me: So how come you don't know how to use the Nexus lane?

Or, perhaps something like this:

(new lane opens at the cashiers while my baby starts crying)
Nice lady (who was ahead of me): Go ahead...
Me: no, thanks, I do not cut lanes

Or something like that. I really regret not saying anything. I could spoil her day as much as she spoiled mine and other drivers' days too. If you ever see me on the road, or in the store with a crying baby, DO NOT TRY TO CUT IN FRONT OF ME. Chances are I will not like it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just for you...

Because I know you will be checking my blog today ...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The baby on top is baby Sydney DiMera from Days of our lifes. The baby on the bottom is baby Moesha. Don't they look the same ! I just found out today, cause I don't watch the Days of our lifes and I can't believe how similar they are. There is one more picture if you scroll down to an older post. And there is another thing they have in common that I am not giving out !!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I found myself at the crossroads, and I am switching. For...???

A librarian program at the University of Fraser Valley, I am still trying to get in. And here is why. I am currently enrolled in CISY at Kwantlen polytechnic U. But I am not doing well. I just basically cannot compete with the 18 year olds who have been programming videogames for 10+ years. I am having a hard time and Im barely passing (with good grades though I might add) But I am not enjoying it. Few years ago, when I was deciding, the librarian was on the map and so were the computers. But my work paid for the latter and I thought with the computers I can work in the library, but not other way. I have wanted to take that program for very long time, even inquired several times when I was already in CISY. And now I have made the desicion. I am not quitting, I am still finishing CISY, so I will have that degree. But I will not continue at the KPU.

The courses I am doing are hard. Thankfully I have great friends (well, most of them) who are very supportive and try to help me when I ask. I wouldn't be able to do it without them, sometimes I even miss the simplest things and it doesn't make sense until I ask. My friends don't judge and don't laugh (well again, most of them) Even people who don't know me, but I am referred to, are helping beyond what I could hope for. Also, mind you, I just had a baby and she's taking lots of my time and I am suffering from what's known as "mommy's brain". So hence the struggle.

Now for the librarian. I must write a letter of motivation to meet the eligibility (among few other things) And I suck with those. So I am going to practice a bit and write down my reasons. First and most important, I love to read. If I could, I would cancel TV (or at least the cable) and just read and read. Books just allow me to imagine stories and people in my own way and I love that (in TV, you see what someone else imagined for you, but there is no room for your own ideas) I dream about books I read, and I cry over lots of them. I even blogged about several books that touched me lately.

I would love for baby Moesha to read a lot, both in Czech and English. She has lots of books and we are going to start going to the library a lot when she is a bit older (she right now shows no interest in books except for eating them and no interest for TV except eating the remote control) Books will give her something TV cannot. Books gave me things TV didn't. I read books cause my dad lead me to it. I read about the adventures and I read lots of books boys do, but girls dont. Im proud of it.

Another big reason is that library is a community place. I want to be involved in our community. I want to be in the middle of the events, know everything first hand, perhaps influence some of them and make sure others know. I have good abilities to make new friends quickly, using my Czech (exotic) accent so I know how to get people talking and asking and I enjoy that.

Then there is information. As a librarian you are working with lots of information, researching, sorting, investigating. At this point I am not sure about the extent but I suspect there is lots of it. I am very good at information research, if you know me, you know that I can look up and find pretty much everything. Basically, in certain ways, that was always part of my job. Plus I learn that way too. Sometimes, out of boredome, I just look up the most unusual things, for example, on Wikipedia, I was recently researching Fubu (not sure if that's the right spelling, the poisonous fish), the language of Nunavut, Moroccan cuisine, and things like that, that you would not think of looking it up. Fun, huh !!!

And of course, there are other benefits. The pay is good, as its a government job, although that's not what Im going to use as a reason. I also like that the libraries are all over the place (as opposed to the hitech companies, that are mostly in downtown, or Richmond 60k away and I just dont want to commute) The library system is pretty much similar everywhere so if I end up moving, I can just apply in a local library. I like the opening hours that are long so I can spend lots of time with the bebe and work around my husbands schedule (of course, if the need for me allows) I like that you can study completely online. Thats a huge benefit cause I dont have to go to the campus. I though plan to take some in class courses, to finish faster. I also like that you can work partime which in computers is quite rare.

And last, but not least, my idea of the best spent November afternoon is in the library with a blizzard outside and a old sweet librarian lady reading books to the kids and giving out a hot chocolate. Or perhaps it is December, and just before Christmas...?

So I am very excited to finally get on track to what I really want to do. Now, I just have to write that motivation letter and be accepted.