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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blaine, WA

I love going to the States. I actually do love States and I feel blessed that I live so close that I can go anytime I want. Not that I have time to go, but I have a Nexus card to save me a bit of that.

Yesterday was such a pretty day, and me, baby Moesha and our friend Sue went to Blaine. We've been few times before and it's just a breeze. We live exactly 19 km from the Costcutters (I measured the distance from the gas station) Now, with the Nexus card, you just fly through.

Not yesterday.

There was a line up. Scratch that. There were two line ups. I coudln't figure out what's going on. Sue seemed to know more, but still, I was not convinced. Until I realized: the other people are just trying to cut in !!!

That is something I hate the most. Cutting the lanes (and such, like abusing HOV lanes, running through the orange light etc) So not in this life time I am letting a single car in front of me. Seriously, why would someone think that they just arrive, and oops, look at that wait, why bother, I'm gonna go to the front and just cut in. I'm too good to wait like others.

And cars keep coming and coming and those dumbasses-forgetmylanguageyouknowineverswear- DID LET THEM MERGE (forget the big letters, you know I never use those neither cause it's dumb and childish) But I am really madmadmad. It was actually a field of frustration, and a driver in front of us went out to ask the guards if they can do something (kudos to him for doing that and bucket of rotten tomatoes for doing that cause while he was out, a space created in front of his driverless car and more dumb$%& merged)

I sticked to my plan and did not let anyone in. I waited and waited and I on top of that had a screaming baby in the back. I did not let even the "nice lady" which she is now known as, who threatened to hit me if I don't let her go and who refused to go to the end cause "I have been waiting here for a long time" Well when she arrived she went straight to the front. So in my books, that doesn't count.

We kept bumping into her in the stores in Blaine. I wanted to go and tell her something but Sue just thought it would be best to let it go. I know the nice lady didn't know I have a baby (I have dark windows in the back so you can't see inside) This is what I could tell her:

Me: Hi, don't you just love this store
nice lady: yeah it's great
Me: Do you come here often?
nice lady: i do, all the time
Me: So how come you don't know how to use the Nexus lane?

Or, perhaps something like this:

(new lane opens at the cashiers while my baby starts crying)
Nice lady (who was ahead of me): Go ahead...
Me: no, thanks, I do not cut lanes

Or something like that. I really regret not saying anything. I could spoil her day as much as she spoiled mine and other drivers' days too. If you ever see me on the road, or in the store with a crying baby, DO NOT TRY TO CUT IN FRONT OF ME. Chances are I will not like it.


KatieLiz said...

A few weeks ago I was behind a car that happened to be going the same way I was and we ended up going to the same store. He didn't used his turn signals ever. He was driving a new car as it still had the temporary paper license taped in the back window. I wanted, so badly, to go up to him and tell him that he should return the car as his turn signals weren't working.

Molly said...

Haha ! You totally should. When my mom was here, we drove to the park and ride and there was a car in front of us that was trying to cut in the lane going towards the bridge cause there was so much traffic. But noone was letting him go since the P&R entrance is almost by the edge of the bridge, thus we were blocked too. I kept honking on him cuase since he didn't have his lights on, he was technically going straight and he was not going as he was trying to merge. I wanted to get out and ask him why he's not going (straight) since the road (to the P&R) was wide open and if he would tell me he is merging I'd let him know his signal bulbs are broken

Nikki said...

I missed this when you first wrote it, but i totally hear you! I've had PACE and now NEXUS for years and I am SOOOO sick of people abusing that lane to cut in! I swear they know exactly what they're doing, but just play dumb. Rar! They should barriers from the very back of the line and if you get caught in NEXUS without a card, you're banned!