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Saturday, June 13, 2009

37 weeks today

Today, I am 37 weeks pregnant. That is full term. The baby shows no signs of coming though ! I know I can have a baby as early as tomorrow and as late as 5 weeks. Hoping for the early one though lol !! Im feeling great, not miserable at all (although my back sometimes hurts, i can hop on my elliptical trainer for two minutes and the pain goes away in no time, how weird !!) So far I'm not wanting the baby to come out only because I'd be miserable, cause Im not. Im just loving being pregnant so much ... I just cant wait to meet her.

And there are so many things to do ... so many that I just dont know where to start. But im not stressing over it, i know I can do what needs to be done once the baby is here. Im though cooking yummy czech dishes and freezing them for later. If they make it that far, cause they are so yummy. Like today, I made something and before I could freeze it I ate half of the pot !!! Really great for my GD.

The baby is now moving. I thought she will pretty much stop once she gets too big and run out of space. That hasn't happened yet (i have lots of amnio fluid) and she still kicks here and there. Too cute ! Im going to miss it so very much. I can feel her feet sticking out constantly through my tummy. She is so adorable ! Im in love .already ..

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