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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GD update - 32w4d

Turns out there were no good news after all. I lost about 4 pounds since last week, yet my sugar numbers are so bad I am now on insulin shots. The baby is fine, they say it won't affect her or me, but I have to be really really careful so she doesn't get too much sugar and develop the diabetes herself. I am quite scared even though they say this is common. I am sure it is, but still, once you are in that situation, you don't really care about the commoness.

This makes me even more mad at one of my friend who thought I shouldn't go for the GD test in the first place, that the doctors are looking for things that are not there and have nothing better to do then label you with diseases. That the possibility of being diagnosed is so low it's not even worth it. Yet i did fall into that small possibility and even into insulin-needed cateogry !! While there are lots of test this could apply, the GD test is not one of them !!!! When caught this early (well kinda), and the adjustments are done, both baby and mama will be fine. If not, the baby will face serious health issues, and what kind of friends I have to advise me against these critical tests because she refused herself (fortunately she was the lucky one and didn't have any GD so she thinks no one should go for these tests I guess) Not everything can be treated with organic food and homeopatics. I did eat well, excercised, I had no symptoms, absolutely none, yet I was diagnosed and quite seriously. All my other friends are very supportive, and are glad it was caught on time and wish me luck, except that one.

My mom also did some research and turns out one of my cousins also had GD with her baby. I plan to find out some more information when I can. We may have it in the family genes after all.

When I went to the pharmacy they asked me if I want a pen or syringes. I wanted syringes. Pens are so difficult (i have to mix it) and I know how to use needless already. So they said ok, we'll give you syringes and then they gave me a pen. Why, don't know, but it frustrates me people don't listen. I asked them to replace it and now I got my 100 pieces of needles. I'm happy about it (well not really but the shot-wise I am) I took the first shot and I didn't feel a single thing. It's really really easy.

Ok so that's all for now, and I'm off to do some self-pitiness now.


kortney said...

Oh, I'm sorry that you have to use insulin - the things we do for our babies!!! I didn't have GD either, but believe that testing is important, though I do agree some tests are unnecessary - the tests that are somewhat unnecessary in a general situation are usually ones that doctors give you a choice to do.

Be strong - you're almost there!!!

A n T said...

Sorry to hear about the shots, but you're almost there. I'm glad that you had the testing done and caught it early on.