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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

39 days left !!!

And I'm still feeling great, not miserable at all !! My baby belly is growing so big and I'm loving it. Yesterday, the baby both had hiccups and was kicking at the same time. Multitasking like mama !!!

We bought a stroller. Of course, as soon as we bought it, I'm already not happy with it. I now want a jogger. But they don't come with the car seat and those alone are at least $200. So unless I find someone I can borrow it from, I will keep the stroller we bought. We also bought a mattrace and I organized all my baby clothes (or at least I hope it's all, I fear there are more boxes in the garage) I also finished creating the wall art - the teddy bears pictures from the old calendar. They are so adorable !! I have a feeling the baby's room will be the most beautiful room in the whole house (right now, one of the bathroom is, I'm totally in love with it)

My MIL is going to help me saw some stuff, the windows curtains, the rocking chair I got from a friend, and few more things. We will go together buy a fabric, probably next week (she's busy this week) That will be fun !!! I would like to do it myself but I don't think the baby would like my sewing skills.

I don't like going to sleep now. I stay awake a long time and when I fall asleep, it's time to wake up and go P. I only get good sleep in the morning (I love sleeping in the mornings, Im a night person) but it's usually time to get up. I like the twighlight naps but don't want to take them cuase then I sleep even less at night.

I also washed all my diapers, snapped them for the smallest size and inserted the inserts. So that's ready too !!!

I am also being transferred to an OB due to my diabetes complications. Bummer !! Turns out when someone gets on insulin, midwife cannot stay the main health care provider. That's ok though. Im really happy that it was caught so early and that I'm being advised to watch my diet and stuff. One of my new online friends I just made gave birth to her baby and the baby was born blind, complication of GD, that hasn't been caught as early as mine, she said. If one more person tells me these tests are stupid or even not necessary as the possibility one has it is so small, I'm seriously going to freak out. I don't like to be frustrated by people who do not understand the danger of these things and think that everything can be treated with homeopatics and time (which when you're pregnant you don't really have)

So now, we have a stroller, crib, changing table (oh I found the plastic boxes that fit, in Ikea !! I wanted the wicker baskets but would you believe they do not have those in BC at all, at least those that would fit? ) I have two playpens and tons of clothes.

So now we only need to clean up, saw things I mentioned above, and get the little bathtub and make some washing stuff and wipes. Oh and a baby, we need to get the baby too. Then we're all set !!!

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A n T said...

Things are moving right along for you! Are you getting excited yet??