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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

31w3d - My last day of work (for good)

So while the previous post was regarding the last day of work before my maternity leave, as of today it's clear it was my last day of work ever. I will not be able to go back to my work and will look for another one once my maternity leave is over.

I also went to the GD education class today. It didn't start well. Who's freaking coming to the 9am class at 9.45. Full of McDonalds breakfast (We all have GD, remember, moron !!!) So the class was delayed and at 31+ weeks it's just not fun to wait 45 minutes for some morons who don't think they need to be on time. So I am trying to switch for another hospital, who is little better organized (if you're not there, we are starting without you and you will have to book another day, your fault!!! Noone will be waiting for you 45+ minutes, even if you pay for their parking that got extended thanks to you) I am developing zero tolerance for unnecessarily waiting and i definitely remember and still regret that I didn't switch places in the past, specifically last summer when given the chance. Not switching is not paying off for me. You get one chance and if you screw up, I'm done. I learnt my lessons (finally)

Ok, off to poking my finger to check on the sugar. Yikes.

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