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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

33w3d - appointments

I had my midwife appt this morning. All goes well !! I asked lots of questions including if I can bring blender to the hospital which apparently is a very silly question. I also didn't gain weight in about seven weeks which is starting to get worrisome, but baby is healhtly, getting enough food, and growing, so that's all what counts. And if she takes my own weight, fine by me !!! If this continues, the day after labour I will be below my starting weight. Again, fine by me, I guess. BP is great too, 110/60 or something, whatever that means. Not high at all. The baby is now in the right position to be born, head down, and probably will not be moving anymore. My belly is now sticking out but you still can't tell from the behind Im 8 monhts pregnant. Anyway im at the point that if i go to labour now, they will not stop it but will go on with it !! So the baby can be born any day between now and next 6-7 weeks. Also turns out that due to my GD I have to go see an oB/gyn, too. So after all im getting the best of both worlds.

Then we went to EI, just to ask few questions. It's so impossible to call them and get through so I rather go there in person. Turns out I still have to call them, bummer !!

Next, was the u/s to double check on my placenta, RVOT and the gender. This time we went to the place close to where we live. They still wouldn't tell me (oh I hate this policy !!!) but at least he checked this time (and will tell my midwife) They wouldn't tell me if the baby is ok, or if placenta moved, or RVOT is ok, just nothing. He wouldn't even tell me if he was able to see the gender or not, yet alone if the baby is still a girl. I do have a feeling though that at one point the guy said "her legs" but I'm not totally sure. My next appt is next Friday so I will ask again.

And now I'm exhausted but I have to plant my 4 baby tomatoes plants. Then I will go clean the catnip off my cats and the floor. The monkeys have learnt how to open the catnip bottle !!!


A n T said...

So glad to hear that the appointment went well!

kortney said...

I'm curious - why would you want to bring a blender to the hospital?