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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The doctors - why I dont want them

A friend of mine recently told me (it's the one I mentioned previously few times) "oh but you love going to doctors" Well, not really. But I just don't hate them as much as she does. But it's not fun regardless. Today I went again for my diabetes checkup. There were so many people !!! I went in with a nurse, to check on the numbers and then went to see the Dr. I was the only one waiting. I went to the washroom and when I came back, there were 4 more ladies already waiting for him too. There was no seat to sit down and I had to go around the corner. I started freaking out, because I was already waiting for more then 30 minutes, and I was thinking that when he's done with previous patient, he will not see me and will take someone else. After almost an hour I was almost in tears, frustrated with the long wait and my wild visions of being ignored. So yes, I really love going to the doctors. I have nothing better then just sit in a waiting room full of germs I guess and wait till allelujah.

The numbers though are getting better, however I got my insulin numbers increased. Not happy !!! But as long as it's getting under control. Im also starting to getting some water retention, although I don't notice, he did. But given I have little over 5 weeks left, I'm still doing awesome !! There was a lady with a due date about a month after me (I overheard) and she was twice my size (not kidding) My belly is getting really big but otherwise I don't see any other gain (there may be some but I don't see it) I don't feel big, or elephanty or gross or anything like that !!!

Also a very close friend of mine from Prague just emailed me she's pregnant too, and her due date is few weeks after mine. Well hello, you tell me just now? All the time you knew that I'm having a baby but didn't say anything? Never mind, I forgive you anyway, congratulations, Gabi and let's hope for a soon playdate :) She's having a girl like we are yay !!

After that I went to Ikea, unfortunately, and I had this awesome salmon plate lunch. OMG that was so good, I was starving so much (I now can only eat every 4 hours only) I had it before but I don't remember it tasting so good. See how hard I'm trying to control my diet? Salmon, veggies, boiled potatoes and diet coke (plus a look at lingonberry desert) This kind of lunch does wonders with the blood sugar.

And I also got these awesome boxes for the shelves for the baby's clutter, like toys, craft... this baby will be very organized, eventhough B doesn't think so as of yet and hates those boxes lol !! but they look really good and will organize the small toys and stuff very nicely. Once my nursery is done I'll post pictures

P.S. Got the email from my midwife. The baby was curled and they couldn't peak at the gender to double check. So for now, the baby is still a girl (and hopefully stay that way) All other things that resulted in the need of my u's (low lying placenta and RVOT, whatever that means) are solved !!!! So all looks great and we're ready to go. I can have a baby anyday between now and about 6 weeks, if I go to labour, they will not stop it anymore. So I am officially on a baby watch already and just waiting. But didn't I mention it yesterday? So excited !!


A n T said...

HOw exciting. So glad all is going well! You have to let me know what baby gear you can make for my December arrival!

FET Accompli said...

Hi Molly,

Thanks very much for your note - and so exciting that you are officially on baby watch!

Michele said...

very exciting!

thank you for your comment. my bedrest is currently prescribed. we'll find out if it continues at our june 4th appt.