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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The sugar update II

Tomorow I have the meeting with the doctor. I hope that he will give me some good news !!! I have figured out quite a few things so far.

This is what works for me: Breakfast - cereals with half banana and milk. Chocolage fudgicles, 2g of sugar each. Midnight snack: fruit with plain yogurt (they say don't eat fruit before breakfast but it works for my ketons, not so much for the morning sugar but not that bad) Exercise (I have the elliptical trainer at home)

This is what I found out I hate: no sugar food, artificial sweeteners (I only like the Diet coke, hate everything else) I would rather eat plain yoghurt then the artifically sweetened one. I do have full fridge of those so I will finish it but I will not be buying anymore of that crap.

My MIL is a very good cook and she's so sweet. She made me tons of veggies on Saturday and I am eating it with every food. Especially her broccoli is so good !! Today I had some for my dinner, with piece of chicken and mashed potatoes/cauliflower and my sugar was 5.7 with a target of 7.8 or lower one hour after the meal !!! I did throw one short excercise in it, though, but still, isn't that great ?

I colded the baby twice already. Someone told me if you put ice pack on your tummy, she will start moving away. I hated that idea but now I tried it, just really really shortly (I don't want to cold my baby at all) and it really works !! I am sure she is still nice warm and snuggly inside, it's just a funny excercise. I don't think I will be doing it anymore, though. People say drink orange juice to make the baby move but juice is off limits for me now. But I have a baby doppler I got on eBay so if in doubt i can quickly check and assure myself the baby is ok.

7 more weeks to go yay !!! I am not having any discomfort, or at least not seeing any, I feel great, I can't sleep, crave sugar, P all the time, fun times !!! But I do consider it feeling great. Cause I don't know if I should feel any different, I think myself that most women at this point have way more discomfort, thats why I think I feel great. I could stay pregnant forever, I wouldn't mind (I think) Except I cannot wait to meet my little baby girl !!!

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