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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

38 days left !!

I am getting restless. I can't wait anymore !! Unfortunately I know my due date is the right one (no guessing) So I cannot just go and say ok, it's time for the baby now, probably, let's get things started lol .... I really have to wait.

I had the clinic today. I am doing good !! However, the units of insulin were increased. So now Im on the max what the needles can handle and if it is increased next week again, which most likely will, I will have to do two shots.

My right leg is getting restless too. I am advised to keep my feet up (swelling) by the clinic, but to lean forward as much as I can (puts the baby in the right position and prevents back labor) by my midwife. I had a massage today to help with the leg, it hurt ! The only thing that helps me is my elliptical trainer, actually.

The baby now not only kicks, but she also keeps her legs in where she just kicked for a while (she's stretching) It's so neat cause we can totally feel the little bumps here and there. She still gets hiccups and we can feel them with the hand. So cool !

I had a lazy day. I wanted to sleep, but couldn't, even if my cats were helping me. I also didn't want to do anything, although there is so much I could do... Some days are just like that. I dont even want to go sleep, since i cant sleep anyway and it is hurting my right leg. But its ok, Im not complaining, just stating :) Im still not miserable at all... Im totally loving this.

P.S. Just found out that my step-niece is studying to be a fashion designer so my mom immediately booked her to sew dresses for my baby !!!! Wow !!

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