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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's day !

This will be my real first Mother's day. So what the baby is not born yet, it doesn't matter ! I am already a mommy (although still in waiting) but it's ok. My baby is here (even if still in my tummy) and I deserve to have a very special day.

Last year I was heartbroken over the problems we were having and all the issues that happened to me. I was on a medical leave from work, and just about nothing went right. It was the worse year I ever had.

I know now that this was the plan written in my fate book. Without everything, I would not be able to apply for adoption. If I could just get pregnant just like that, I would probably have my three babies by now and there would be one day somewhere a little girl waiting for her mommy, but it wouldn't be me.

This year, I have two babies on the way. One will be born in about 8 weeks, one hasn't been even conceived yet. Tomorrow is going to be a very special day for me, first of many and I am going to enjoy it !!


Paco+Lupe said...

Congratulations! Many happy days to come for you and your family. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories. I can't wait to read all about what motherhood brings to your life.

Sarah and John said...

Hi Molly,

Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on your pregnancy!

To answer your question, we got rejected by a Taiwanese adoption agency because of not being able to prove infertility, not the US agencies. I'm half Taiwanese, and we were considering adopting from there. It was a US agency in Phoenix rejecting diabetic and overweight people - they said this in their seminars. I probably should specify that on the blog.

Good luck with your adoption. Maybe in Canada it is a more reasonable process.

Take care,


Nikki said...

Happy Mother-to-be Day! You have so much to be thankful for this year, I hope you had a fantastic day.