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Saturday, May 2, 2009

31w - I'ts my last day today !!

I never ever thought this day will come, it seemed to be so far !! But it really really happened. Today is my last day at work. There will be no more commuting (at least for a year), no more traffic nightmares (although I go off rush hour, it's still sometimes frustrating), gas bills, late night driving home, sitting whole day, etc. I am really going to miss few things: my friends the mostly, I made so many in those 3.5 years I've been here. I'm going to miss the free pop we have at work, the gym we have just next to the office. But there are tons of things I will not miss at all.

So today I'm sitting here, and I dont have to work. But I'm bored so I'm still going to work little. I cannot just sit here for 8 hours and do nothing... I need to pack few of my things, return the parking pass and that's pretty much all.

Tomorrow I will officially start my new job: Mommy in waiting. As of today, I have 2 monhts and 2 days left to my official due date. However, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Thursday so we may have the baby little earlier. I am also going to pack my hospital bag early and finally clean the house (I've been promissing this for years, I know!!) I have to organize my craft supplies and list whatever I have for sale. I will also do lots of walking and organize baby's nursery. We are pretty much all set, except we have to buy a stroller with a car seat and get the little bathtub. Otherwise I have everything I think.

I also found a photographer. She seems nice !! I really want some cool pregnancy pictures but everyone is so expensive. With the ongoing adoption on top of this baby we can't really afford the regular rates so everything we can get little cheaper just helps !!

I'm loving my pre-natal classes. They are so much fun and I'm learning so much !! I do not have any fears or panic from the upcoming labor. Not even one. I find it little weird, and I also find it weird that I'm looking forward the pain and stuff !! But again, for me everything is a part of adventure. Even vacation, the flight or travelling is not the necessary evil, but the adventure itself. So this kind of approach may be why I don't really have fears.

Tomorrow we're going to Vancouver to attend some kind of baby fair. I don't really know what to expect but nevertheless we're excited. I hope to get some goodies, maybe, and see all the cool accessories they will say my baby absolutely needs. So that will be awesome to see. We're not taking much $$ just in case so they cannot convince us to buy everything lol...

Ok, bye bye work !!!


A n T said... work sounds so lovely! Enjoy!!

Mama Eve said...

You are going through such a nice "nesting" period. Enjoy the time to get organized and dream. It's a wonderful time. I was hospitalized and bed-confined from 22-30 weeks (until delivery) and so I didn't get to do all that I wanted to do. I WISH I'd gotten a photographer. It just wasn't meant to be for me. OH well...

About your PCOS, not everyone gets it as bad as I had it. You are very fortunate, however still take good care of yourself (nutrition and exercise) so you never have to see it get worse.

And I wouldd like to see your private blog, but don't know where to go to request it.


A n T said...
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