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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning I met with one of my best friends who had a baby on my Birthday, yay ! We went for a walk with a group of other friends. It was lovely. A wheel from my stroller took off at one point but there are three more... wait, we actually fixed that, well, not me, but my friend, as you do need all four. I would never be able to go with my canadian stroller for a walk like this, but my czech one did a great job. Oh and yes, that second picture is babies having lunch. All ready in like no time (you can't do that with a bottle lol) and little munchkins munching on milk in the middle of the snowy cold forrest like if they don't care (they didn't) And I took my first bus ride on my own ever and managed. Things changed, the small bus we were on took 4 strollers. I don't remember they did it before, and they definitely don't do it in Canada (the most I've seen was 2)

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