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Friday, January 30, 2009

A little complication

My husband doesn't have a passport. That's fine for now, we don't plan to travel this year anyway, especially not with a newborn, and we will not go to China for at least 5 years (which is the max time they issue the passports) We can only go to the U.S., but since we'd drive, we wouldn't need passports at least till june. But apparently we need a copy of his passport for sending a dossier. I have been unable to get him apply for passport ever since we got married 6 years ago. Any tipos how to kick his a** so he can finally apply?

I also have only a Czech one. It is valid through 2012. I hope I can use it !! I don't want to pay for something which would expire before I can use it anyway. Even though I have a Canadien citizenship, I believe I can still use the Czech one, and I do have an entry visa for the U.S. That's all I need.

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