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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stolen cart

The other day I was in Superstore here in Langley. You know, that one that you have to pay one dollar for the cart (and you get it back if you return it to its designaged spot) That is it, "if". I did all I could and I played by the rules. I did my shopping, drove it to my car, and I was ready to return it and get my dollar back, after I strapped the baby in the car seat. Have you noticed I've done anything wrong, so far?

Well, even though I did everything right, I didn't get my dollar back. While I was strapping the baby in her car seat, someone who was passing by just took my cart with my own dollar in it and walked away with it. I didn't notice cause a) I was busy with the baby, b) there is lots of noise made by lots of people pushing lots of carts, c) it didn't occur to me someone would steal a dollar (resp. a cart) from a mother busy with her baby.

I didn't call police to investigate this theft. It was after all, not an emergency, even though it spoiled my day. And to all the stores out there, I hate your pay for your cart policy. If you can pay a greeter at the door, or a person whose job is to stand out there and tell you to scan your save on more card so you can see what the specials are, perhaps you can also employ another person whose job would be to collect the carts from few of those that are too lazy and leave it all over. It sure would save me my dollar.

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