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Monday, February 1, 2010

Review: Shipping labels

Do you sell online? And do you use PayPal and such as, the shipping labels? I do. I have tried quite a few brands and I ran into issues with hard peeling (I get really frustrated when I sit here for 5+ minutes trying to peel each and every corner and neither is working) or having to cut the edges. I use the half labels (meaning I do not print the bottom part, the confirmation), so I had to cut them all, and perhaps make a mark on the wrong side so I don't accidentaly print on it (I did, many times, though)

So imagine my relief when I found the labels that I don't have cut and they are easy to peel. They are called labeldogs labels and you can buy them on eBay right here. They come with a precut line so you don't need scissors to cut them in half (I can never find scissors when I need them, I see them now on my table though !!) They have a print on the wrong side so you cannot make a mistake while printing, they are supereasy to peel (yay) and they have a precut line so you can just peel them out without the yucky edges. The seller offers Free shipping within United states and you can get them for $11.39 for 200 labels, which works out for about $0.056 per label (one other thing I did is to compare lots of listings by converting the price to the price per label) Turns out these were one of the cheapest (if not even cheapest) and the best. I am really happy with them.

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