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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three months old

Hi everyone,

Moesha turned 3 monhts old last Friday ! She was such a good girl. We went to Blaine for our Nexus interview and she said Hi to the officer. It was the cutest thing ever.

We are back to the cloth diapers. We had to stop for a while because I wanted to outsmart everything and everyone and to save some job, I didnt put the inserts into pockets. Turns out, the baby feels the wetness right away. And I do mean *right away*. So we had extra unwanted screaming and it just didn't work. Once I realized my mistake, things improved constantly.

We are also breastfeeding like champs. We had a very rocky start with not much support from my husbands family. Add this to the stress with a jaundiced newborn (which was not result of BF but Gestational diabetes), hormones, no help, baby blues and you guessed right, that makes for one very frustrated and not happy mama. Thank goodness for my friends and Moesha's aunties, they held my head above the water.

Ive heard few some very weird comments. But whatever. I just wished, that people comment on things without sounding like thats the only option and if you do it differently, you better don't. I mean, if you grow up in let's say Jamaican culture, then you will obviously eat the Jamaican food. My baby grew up in me, im her culture so she will eat my food. My body made her and my body knows whats best for her. She is totally thriving and she loves to nurse. She has this funny look like *I know im the cutest* and she talks to the boobie a lot. Thats actually where we get most mumbling ! Sometims she gets BM in the bottle but she doesnt talk to it. Isnt that funny !! Everyone recognizes the benefits of breastfeeding, except like 2-3 people I know, so with all the respect, I am not going to go with them. Plus its not like I only listen to others, but its that I myself also recognize BF as the best of best. You know, those little voices inside your head that tell you whats right and whats not. I dont get easily influenced, I get the facts and then I choose. I definitely look up to doctores, midwifes, friends who recently had babies, scientistic researches, I want to be educated and know everything so I can make best choices. And the more others push, the less likely I am going to listen to what they say.

So thats our BF update. Moesha is now going through her 3 monhts grow spurth so she eats non stop. Poor thing, today we thought she was just tired (she only eats when she wakes up, never before her next nap so you better not miss the chance to feed her!) and she was just hungry ! She cried so much while we tried to make her sleep.

She has a very funny schedule and cues. Like I mentioned, she only eats when she wakes up. That saves me tons of frustration when I kept trying feeding her. She can now play by herself on her mat, then she cries for some cuddles and then out of the blue she starts shrieking. Drop everything and run to the baby ! During the day she sleeps in her sling. I can hold her close, rock her and stil do everything I need to do. She doesnt sleep in the malls and she wakes up if shes moved. During the day, shes a very light sleeper.

She goes sleep around 7. I always thought parents who put their kids to bed at 6 or 7 are not that smart. I planned to keep her up till 10 or 11 so she sleeps longer. Well, yeah, right. That doesnt happen. She demands to go sleep soon. She gets her bath (everyday, she loves it so its an activity itself) and then goes sleep. She used to sleep for 6 hrs for the first stretch but now its only 2-3. Told you, growth spurth. We are nursing lying down which is the best invention ever. She sleeps till 5-6 with few very short breaks (she used to be up 3-4 hours and I was going cookoo) and then she tries to start the day. But mommie wants to sleep more so we sleep together. She is snuggled in my arms and I sleep extremely lightly and feel her every move (eh, I mean tickle, she tickles me a lot) Then we wake up anywhere between 9-11. Not too shabby, right? So sleep is one thing Im getting enough of ! I couldnt be happier.

have a great day everyone, I have so many updates to post !!

Love, Molly and Moesha

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Nikki said...

Glad to hear things are going well! Curious how the Nexus interview went...what on earth do they interview a little kid about? We are still waiting for our little guy's passport so can't do Nexus yet...