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Friday, September 25, 2009

Diaper rash. What's that?

Well we really haven't got a single one as of yet! These are the reasons I think (I think) contributed to good bummie's health:

Breastfeeding (doens't irritate the baby's bum as much)
Cloth diapers (contains no chemicals, and baby doesn't stay in them as long as in the sposies)
Baby powder (they say you can't use it, but you totally can, just put it on your hand away from the baby (i do it in the bathroom) or on your diaper directly. I use Avalon organic when the bum shows the first sign of redness)
Wet cloths wipes (the store bought ones do contain certain chemicals, even the natural or sensitive ones. We just use the plain baby cloths and wet them with regular water as much as we can/ remember)

So these are few things you can try with your baby. I have a friend with a baby in the same age as is Moesha, and her baby has a really bad diaper rash ! She is not doing any of those things above but is going to try)

Oh btw, if you read my previous posts I said I will not be sharing baby's name. And now I am blogging about Moesha. Well, that's not her real name but my very good friend Mark was and is referring to her as such and I actually really like it so I am using it as her nickname on her block.

Go Moesha !!

1 comment:

kortney said...

Wahoo for no diaper rash.
Lex never had any diaper rash either...until she started teething really bad. She gets a rash no matter what until her tooth is through and then it goes away all on it's own every time!