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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween updates

Long time no talk... well, we're quite busy. I had a midterm at school, for which I learnt a night before and I scored 93%. Given this class is so boring, it's a really good result.

We had a great Halloween. Baby Moesha was dressed up as ladybug, although daddy thought she was a caterpillar. Well, these too are so close, it's so easy to make a mistake when one is dressed in bright red sleeper with big black dots and antens. I wouldn't know neither. My friend came over with her family and it was the bestest Halloween ever. We put her up and front so she was the first and only thing they saw when they opened the door, and it was so cute, everyone was commenting on it. She was so tired that she didn't even make a peep and couldn't even work her paci, just held it in her mouth and looked, well not around, but straight ahead. That's all she had energy for.

She is so cute. Today, I took her to the stroller fitness class in the Mall, she was dressed in her super-awesome pink boots, dress and a hat. She of course scored lots of oooh and aaawwhs... She is really petite, but suprisingly, I have a feeling (the visual one) that she is outgrowing her car seat.

We are still really busy. I am running several times a week, but I need to join the running clinic and find a lazy running buddy. I'll do that when we get back from our Secret trip. The rest is filled with playdates, school, skating, errands etc.

Breastfeeding is going great. I only pump to have a bottle when I go to school, or for one bottle we give her at night (at that point, she demands to be bottle fed while sleeping) Silly pickle !

Oh and lots of goings to the States. We love it there. Last week we went to Bellingham and then to Blaine (two trips) We love our Nexus cards !!! Best thing ever, when one is on maternity leave.

Happy Halloween (belated), everyone !


Niels and Alexander said...

Hi Molly, we are trying to keep the names a surprise, we'll if we manage:).
The pics should be visible now, I am still figuring out how to copy&paste properly.
I can't believe how many blogs you have, great posts.
All the best!

kortney said...

What car seat do you have? Isn't it a Graco one?

I'm pretty sure (if I remember right) that you have a Graco one - it's good up to 30 lbs. and 32 inches!!! Alexys technically just outgrew her bucket seat in height a few weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure Sydney still fits. You need to have 1-inch of hard shell above her head for it to be legally safe.

However, I switched Alexys to a big girl car seat when she could hold her head up, because I'm not strong enough to carry around a bucket seat!

Molly said...

We have Eddie Bauer travel system. She still fits but her feet are now at the edge of the car seat, almost out. I have to measure her, I dont know how long she is now. She is very long and skinny. The car seat is really heavy and I dont take her in and out nonstop cause its' hard to put her in (she screams) so poor me, I have to drag the car seat wherever we go ...

kortney said...

That's okay if her feet are hanging out Molly. As long as she has one inch above her head of the hard stuff! Alexys feet are squished up against the seat of the car already!

That really sucks you have to drag it around - maybe she WOULD be happier in a big girl carseat? My friend Kirsten is a carseat specialist (like she actually took her courses) and wrote a pretty good article on carseats on her blog ( I was very overwhelmed buying a new carseat for Alexys and this definitely helped me!!!

Molly said...

Oh thats awesome, thanks so much ! Im going to check that link too cause I also am lost cars wise. I still have her in the infant seat cause its really hard to put her in, so once she's in, we both are happy. Its not like i drag it alone, I take the stroller or the cart everytime, but still. Im probably stronger then you but its really heavy and i hate carrying it. She has tons of space over her head, its just her feet
And btw, her hair is not growing ! She had as much hair as Alexys when she was born, but Alexys had pigtails at this age lol and we're very very far from pigtails !

kortney said...

That's funny!!! Alexys has SO much hair, but then so did I. Did any of the baby's hair fall out? A lot of times when it's darker like that it falls out - so if you've escaped that, you're lucky! It'll grow in time, don't worry!!!

As long as she has head space you're fine. Switch when you know you'll be comfortable dragging her in and out of the carseat. It makes quick stops even longer than they already became!