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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bellingham. Again.

I went to Bellingham on Tuesday again. I know, I am Belli-crazy. But you can't compare the stuff and prices and pretty much nothing ! I like how it's not overpopulated. I like that we can afford to travel, even if only 50 kms. I like the layout of that town. I like just about everything. And I like Blaine. And did I mention the prices? My friends' husband says he likes being Canadien but he can't afford being one. Haha !! True true.

We went to JoAnn's fabric and bought lots of Christmas books for $1 each. I like for baby Moesha to know all the classical stories. We then went downtown to buy some Czech books, but the store was closed. Again ! That's like the third time we went there and it was closed. Then we went to Bellisfair. My friend was impressed how well i know my way around Belligham. Duh !! (lol)

We love Target. The baby clothes and baby stuff is just awesome. And well priced. I bought her more bows (like if she needs it), I bought formula (we're trying one for the night, called Restfull to add to the breast milk and get her sleep longer) I didn't buy any clothes (unbelievable) but I bought milk for $2 (it's $4.50 here in Canada) We also had a lunch in Old Country buffet where Moesha fed herself mashed potatoes and wiped her mouth all on her own (well she was 4.5 mos after all so we can't expect anything less then independence)

And then we went home. We were so tired. I was impressed with myself that for the very first time I chose the quickest line. Till we were sent inside to pay the duties, that is.

I couldn't believe it. I only had $70 worth of shopping and my friend about $250. Later we figured out he thought I'm saying we have $700. Simple missunderstanding. But led to an hour at the customs which got the baby so excited she had a meltdown all the way home. The guy wanted to check on my car and when he came back, he was holding a stack of receipts. My heart stopped. Did we forget to declare something? (I dont' clean up my car every year, just ask my husband) But fortunately they were those that we already gave him and we were let go.

I still love going there for shopping (not sure why they asked me if I'm going to buy a yacht or an airplane) I don't think the baby stuff in Canada is great and well priced. We live so close to the border and Belli reminds me of Andover, Lowell and Lawrence combined. So I really like it there.
Baby Moesha is turning 5 months next week. Yay !! She is a very petit and cute baby, very courious (she will not sleep if there is anything going around her, she will fight it even if she can't even blink her eyes anymore) She is very alert and active. She wants to stand, sit, talk, grab things etc. Last week she was 13lb5oz. So tiny and co sute !

Love, Molly...

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