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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do you believe ?

I live in an Olympic city. In three short months, the whole world will come here and ask me if I believe. Im not really sure what they are asking but I hear it on the news every single day. It's quite catchy (except one new spot that is really annoying)

I will not be the part of the games, except watching it on TV and we will most likely go to the city for our annual trip, to see the action (and most likely the mayhem) I would like to be, but I don't want to volunteer. I am not that enthusiastic and I also don't want to lose money working for someone for free (I would like to know where all the profits the games make for the city go, though) so they can make money and hefty bonuses. I am sure the games cost a lot but will bring a lot too. I would have to pay for the daycare, and I was told I would have to interrupt my EI if I want to volunteer (as in, if you're fine to volunteer, you're fine to work as well) And that's just not right.

But what really annoys me are the campains at the stores asking me to contribute for the Canadien athletes. I do have the citizenship now, but in heart and soul, I am still 100% (or more) Czech. I don't want to support the Canadien athletes. I don't want them to beat the Czech ones, that's it ! I also think they still have more $$ and facilities to train then athletes from other countries. Do you know how much $ Czechs get? You would have to sit down. And they still win or do well ! I don't like the pressure for donations Im exposed to daily. And what about the tourists, who have no interest to donate neither. I had friends over for a visit from Europe and they couldn't believe the pressure and demands for money. They felt like wherever they went someone tried to milk them (their exact words)

I am excited we will have the games here, but the regular people like me can't afford to go. The tickets are so expensive and everyone is trying to get advantage. But that's how it works, no one can wonder. I am excited to see Czechs win (we have one figure skater, one speed skater, and the hockey team, that have a promise of some good results) but Im not really sure about the money aspect and politics behind.

Overall, I do believe.


kortney said...

Ahem, I'm not even Czech, and I know you actually have TWO figure skaters - Michael Brezina AND Tomas Verner ;)

Molly said...

I dont know the first one ! Oopps ! (but regardless, those I mentioned are the only ones I think have a chance for a medal which Verner does for sure)

kortney said...

LOL - thought I could get you on that one!!! Michael actually came 3rd at NHK and 4th at Skate Canada, finishing barely behind Tomas in the standings overall on the Grand Prix this year. Michael beat a lot of great men -

I think he's got more of a future than Tomas ;)

Molly said...

Oh wow, you know it all ! Shame on me, lol ... I really dont know much about it anymore, not that i dont have time, but i just right now am not that interested. But that will be great if either of them scores real high. I dont follow the regular competitions anymore, or a national leagues in any sport, but i watch when something big, like worlds or olympics, thats so much more fun !
Btw we missed you yesterday at jingle blades!! Next Monday then (I hope!)