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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Very shocking news !

This is something I would never expect. See, I have this friend. I think we met online (I don't remember anymore), we talked for a very long time and then, when I lived in Boston, i went to visit him in Toronto. I have a huge interested in arabic and persian countries and he's iranian. He introduced me to some yummiest foods I've ever had, showed me around the city, showed me the Niagara falls (and thanks to me, he got a speeding ticket, sorry !!) and we had a really good week.

Later that year he got married. And although we were just friends, he didn't wish to stay in touch anymore for the respect of his new wife. Totally understandable. Few years ago, though, we found each other on Facebook. We sent updates maybe like once in half a year or so and then he shared with me their struggles. They were same as ours. I don't want to be too specific as I'm not sure if he shared with his friends, but let's just say we worked it out and he was still working on it.

So I went to his Facebook, to send him a message to ask how things are going. And I found out he passed away last Saturday at the age of 39 years ! You don't expect to get such news doing something as ordinary as sending a message through a Facebook.

He was very funny. He told me some funniest things I've ever heard and some of those I still remember today. He was very kind and nice, really really good person. I sometimes read his FB page and some things cracked me up. He was someone you'd love to be the best friends with or have a lunch every day.

He is also the very second friend of mine who ever died (sure I know some people who have died, but they were like grandparents, neighbours etc) Not a friend, yet alone such young one.

Abbas, I am glad I knew you and I am sure that you know that all your friends and family miss you and I hope you are now watching over us all and that maybe some of the things you were looking for will happen...??? That would be cool.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

How sad. :( It must feel nice to know that you were able to reconnect.

Trace said...

One day I was walking from the train station into the office I worked in (pre-baby) and I started to wonder about my ex-boyfriend who I had dated all through I guess it was about 4 years. We stayed friends and he came to my wedding and everything. I decided to do a Google search and I found his obituary! I was so horrified and so very sad. It definitely made me think about life.