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Monday, October 12, 2009

H1N1 vaccine - How I see it

You have probably heard, the vaccines kill people. Where have you heard it from though, from internet? Most likely. So let me tell you how I see it. And let me borrow few online articles from other blogs to help me achieve that. I am not going to try to convince you to get the vaccines (I am most likely not, but still thinking) but I would like you to raise few questions and think about it again.

First, visit this link I got from my friend:

When I read it first, I really liked what she wrote. But then I read it (and the discussions below) again. This blog contains quite a few incorrect information and misinformation. First, everyone says "it hasn't been tested long enough". One thing: what is long enough? Today's medicine is quite elsewhere then it was years ago and we no longer need decades for testing. People who say this, will not tell you what is "long enough". They do not know. They heard it from someone else, who doesn't know neither. Plus it's not like they started from scratch, they took the base of existing flu vaccine and worked with it.

This blog says "its totally unsafe". Not true again. There hasn't been a death from vaccine yet. There were rumours that a marine and a small girl died, but those were just that, rumours. No death has been confirmed and these rumours are spread by the anti vaccine freaks who don't understand basic chemistry (that I borrowed from yahoo's link I am posting below). Also, my inlaws are sick with cancer and they have weakened immunity, my baby was a preemie with compromised imunity as well, so for them to get this could actually have catastrophic results. The blogger does not go ahead and explain what exactly is totally unsafe, in what regard.

Here she says: - The vaccine production was "rushed" and the vaccine has never been tested on humans. and in next paragraph Swine flu vaccines contain dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders. If it hasn't been tested enough and never on humans, so how can it be already known the swine flu vaccine caused autism? How can something that hasn't been given to humans already cause autism? Quite a contradiction, if you ask me and that itself makes me question the rest of her information.

She says Plants will help you. But plants can also kill you. Not everything can be treated with plants and homeopatics and unlike vaccines, the homeopatics treatments actually did lead to deaths of small children. I have a friend who uses nothing but homeopatics and she constantly suffers from migraines and other issues. Many times I wanted to tell her just to go to the doctor and finally get to the bottom of that.

People say "its better to get the H1N1 flue then the vaccine". Again, if you're lucky, your flu will be mild. But if you have underlying condition (like for example my inlaws), it is not better to get the flu then the vaccine.

A friend of mine also tried to convince me that this virus was released accidentaly from the lab in Australia. That proved to be wrong information as well, it was investigated by WHO and the conclusion was that he made it up. Yet many many people still believe it (it plays into their cards)

And now, one thing you don't realize... we only hear the anti-vacciners talking on internet. You won't hear it from news and most likely from your doctor (although there are some who are against it, of course) You may say that doctors won't go against, because they get paid and benefits for vaccinating you. While it may be true, other healthcare providers (like massagists, midwifes, dentist, health care unit nurse, etc) are people who have no benefits of providing you with wrong information and will tell you the same thing. Now, if it's so dangerous and people are dying, why don't we hear about it on the news? You may say: it's because the goverments are trying to hide the truth. So you're telling me that journalits (who are btw like pitbulls when it comes to investigating, they wont leave one stone unturned) didn't find out but you did? Interesting.

The lady in the blog says that her doctor routinely suggests the flu vaccines to the pregnant women, yet in another place she says that he doesn't.

And if you really don't trust your doctor and think he may be not honest with you regarding the vaccines (or anything else), perhaps its time to find a new one.

Bottom line for me is that I'm still undecided. I am not swaying towards either way at this point, we have the benefit of time, as it's not available in Canada as of yet, so we can see what happenes in the U.S. I just don't want to blindly follow the rumours on internet, but I'd like to ask further and analyze why they say this and they say that. What's really better, and where do these rumours come from. Here is another good link I mentioned above with lots of good information I tend to believe rather then the above mentioned blog:

I think that if someone really dies or gets sick from the vaccine, it will be because of allergy or another underlying condition and that the benefits of vaccines far outweight the risks of flus. But again, I'm still undecided what to do. And if for every person who dies after vaccine (and again, I haven't heard about a single person from a reputable source who died) are 10.000 people who die from the flu, then it shows me whats safer.

Please feel free to comment either way.


kortney said...

Oh I have MUCH to say, but I will wait til later once Alexys in bed :)

kortney said...

There, check out my blog. I think I addressed most of your points in it :)