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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marhaba, bambinas ....

I was asked several times why I named my blog this. Well, for one, I love arabic. I love the countries, food, culture, language. One of my most favorite cities is Sfax in Tunisia, courtesy of a long gone crash. So why not name my blog something arabic. I tell Moesha "Marhaba" every morning when she wakes up. I like how that word sounds (my family came from west Ukraine, they were Jews, but but my country is 2nd least religious country in Europe so over the years, that was lost and they kinda moved onto Christianity. We are truly diverse religion-wise!)

I just had friends over. My friend P was a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines. So envious ! She's such a lovely person, very pretty, funny, kind and her husband whom I've never met is very nice as well. We're going to miss them !

We still haven't got a single diaper rash (yay for team Mama and doing great job !) and we sleep through the night (although we have to nurse lying down - best thing ever!) Baby eats better at night then during the day. And she now rolls over. What a big girl !

We still have quite a few sleeps to our Secret trip to a Magical place (funny cause everyone thinks we're going to Disneyland, haha) I still haven't told anyone except my stepdad and now I gave in and told my brother. Hopefully he'll keep it to himself, too. Moesha cannot wait for what is going to be a start of a busy travelling season.

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