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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sale: Green leaf handknit merino fingerless mittens

These are now $26 plus shipping (normally $35). Handknit, pure merino wool with buttons (the listing on Etsy will show you how they look). Will make a great gift either now or for Christmas. Click on the picture to go to my Etsy store where you can purchase them or let me know directly if you're interested. All sales from my Etsy store help us with our baby adoption costs.


Michele said...

Hi, I'd be happy to talk to you about librarianship. You can email me at michele dot haytko at gmail dot com. A lot depends on where you live, too, so I live in Pennsylvania, which may have different information than other states.

Nikki said...

Hey there - in response to your comment about mat have to work at least 600 hrs in between in order to qualify for a second mat leave/EI. I still don't know the exact due date yet but I think I'm going to fall short of the 600 hrs. I could go back to work early, or I could just take a leave without pay. Tough call.