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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The end.

And just like that, the end has came today. The end of my school. After long two years, I had my second final test today (I was taking two last courses) and I am officially done. I do have to wait for the results but I feel pretty confident that I acually passed both classes. Even the today's class, which was really really hard, I have a good feeling as the test was not the hardest (the midterm had the 29% class average)

I started this degree 2 years ago, when my company paid. They don't anymore as I'm being laid off next week when my maternity leave is over. But I finished it regardless. It was not easy, during that time I worked full time, ended up on a sick leave (thanks to my then supervisor who felt it's a great idea to share my private medical problems with everyone else), got pregnant, had a baby, travelled to Prague for Christmas and lots of other things. It was not easy and I actually made the decision to swich for the librarian program and I got in three weeks ago. I had a post about it a while back, but I haven't told you that I managed to get accepted. I am also glad I dont need to face the certain teacher at my old school in any future classes.

I am going to start a new school in two weeks and I'm really excited. I am going to do everything online, which is great when you have a baby and don't have to worry about babysitting (although I have great friends who helped me when I needed, it was still hard at times) I like to do everything from home, both school and work. I know I can't be a librarian and work at home, lol, but at least I can work part time and close to home which is really important to me.

Now with my degree (if I, hopefully, passed both classes) I can actually have an advantage. The librarians work with computers a lot and one of the concentrations is computers. So that's like I'm done right there. I may not need all the (non)knowledge I have aquired but still, I may possibly know more than my future co-students. Which will be good !

Bye bye old school, I will not miss you !!

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