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Monday, March 2, 2009

Very weird people

This morning I went to Michaels, to pick up one yarn (yeah one !!) I needed for a custom order. When waiting to pay, another cashiers was called in. I assumed I was next (there were two people at one counter, the second one waiting for refund and another person at the counter 2) So I paid, and stuff and all was fine.

When I was leaving, there was a very well kept lady in front of me looking like she's waiting for me, turning constantly and stopping and going. I thought that maybe she wants to comment on my belly and ask if I'm knitting something for the baby. But she then start to have very weird comments, like "next, huh", and "people like you..." and more I didn't understand. So I asked her and she turned and walked away. Then she stopped again and made more comments. Again I asked what she meant, I didn't understand. She said" well be glad you didn't!, how convenient, huh!!" Then she spit my way (not on me but just my way) so at that point I called the security who was standing behind and left the mall. Not good to get upset when you are pregnant and on the way to work !!

Then I was thinking about it, what exactly I did wrong, if anything. I then thought that maybe she meant that she was next...?? But she already had her stuff on the counter and she was talking to that cashiers. Plus she was turned to her, so from the behind I wouldn't see anything anyway. On top of that she seemed like she has a refund (her stuff was in the bag from what I saw) and they only do refunds on counter 1. And even if she really was next, and time was of essence, why would she wait for me outside and follow me for another ten minutes !! I don't really get these people. I hope the security guy gave her some tough questions and that she just calmed down. Furthermore I really didn't understand what she said, if she would explain what happened, maybe it would help me realized if I really did something wrong and apologize (the last thing I'd want on Monday morning is to intentionally make someone mad and cut in front of people) But at this point I really, really don't know.

Aren't people really weird these days?

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j*amy said...

very frustrating! a similar thing happened to me and roomie at old navy yesterday. i was next in line, then roomie, then 2 other ladies [2 separate purchases] came behind us. the woman in front of me had a bad gift card, so was taking longer. we were on register 8. then they say, oh register 1 is open. of course, we're next...but there was no way that we could have gotten there first. stupid. but, we ended up leaving at the same time as these two ladies, so, whatever.

oh, and thanks for following me on twitter :)