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Saturday, March 7, 2009

And the money question

So now when we are done with our homestudy and the papers are in the translating process, and we have our baby girl on the way, we have time to sit down, breath and ... look at our bills. Just really quickly cause they scary !! These things are so expensive. We are not the richest people and although we can still manage, we both would love if they are little lower. Plus I want to buy a crib and the dresser for the nursery, the cloth diapers, stroller, maybe go for a short vacation before the baby is born (we only went once during our 6 years marriage and that was almost free as I worked in a travel agency)

On other hand, we are extremely lucky to have jobs, be healthy and have the debt management in plan. It's still scary but we are glad for what we have, it could be worse. So now, since all our major expenses have been already processed, we can only do better !!! (and pay the bills off)

On other note, I think I now feel the baby. It feels so cute ! We cannot wait for her to come. I never liked summer but this year, I seriously can't can't can't wait.

I also would like you to look at two blogs I follow, they have some posts about helping the children. They both have such good causes and I would like to help them spread the word about their fundraisings. Please visit them and see if you could help.

For Children's hospital in Seattle and SISU children's fund:
click here
March of Dimes Bay area (helping extremely premature babies):
click here

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