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Monday, March 9, 2009

I am so frustrated

I am actually very, very frustrated. I am pregnant, and I'm still taking the University classes, I study the Computer systems certificate. Every day I come home and something is not working. First we lost the wireless connection on notebook, then the internet on the computer, then the printer. I spend hours I don't have every day trying to find out what's happening and how to fix it (internet and printer are fixed, but the wireless is not) I am so frustrated that this should be easy, given what I study, yet nothing is just working.

I work full time and I come home at 9 pm the earliest. I am so tired since I'm pregnant but I try so hard to just get everything done. Well now the new problem: I got a really hard assignement for my Unix class. I am not really good with Unix, first time I saw it was actually 3 weeks ago (I worked with systems based on it, but never Unix itself) Well I have no idea how to do any of that excercise so I started right away to make sure that I get everything done. I started doing the research, read the book and joined online support groups.

To no avail. Not only I don't know how to do it, I can't even connect. The first two nights I spent fixing my path, cause I apparently messed up something and my scripts wouldn't work. I wasted so much time while I could be working on the excercises. But the best was yet to come: on Friday, I couldn't log in at all. Every day I come home and try to fix it, that thing will not connect, it gives me the "putty fatal error, connection timed out". I read the whole internet, I cried a bucket but it just won't work. I have no idea how I can write the assignment anymore if I cannot even connect and I'm losing my faith in my ability to learn. I am so frustrated and I now am starting to think that maybe I just got too much on my shoulders and I cannot do it all. I only have two more days left and I haven't even started.

I am really, really frustrated.

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A n T said...

Hey Molly,

Thanks for your comment. I missed your pregnancy Congratulations! Thats awesome. And YUCK -> Good luck with Unix