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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little update on HS

We went to the agency today to drop things off, so they can start the translations for China. I talked about the HS, and again I reminded them I am not disputing the fees (it is indeed written in that agreement, which we knew) What I don't like, is that we were assigned sw from so far, who didn't even have an office and still are being charged. I mean, if we were told to go to her office, but declined, then by all means, charge us. But since she didn't have that option, we shouldn't be forced the fees on. It is not our fault after all she lives so far and doesn't have an office. The other thing they told us is that they assigned her to us cause she used to live in our area. Another => insert eyes rolling here <= (as in, did it change anything?) She keeps calling me, but only when I'm at work so I can't pick up my phone anyway. I was told she feels very upset and wants to talk about it. She would tell me that she told us, we would tell her she didn't, and we wouldn't get anywhere (unless I'd admit that she did and we made this up, I guess?) So what would be the point of such a phone call.

She also heard that I asked for a different sw for our subsequent hs. We would like someone who lives closer and has an office. Is that too much to ask? I don't know what's wrong. Either I don't stood up to things, or I do and I just cause trouble. I don't have the right to say things or what. Everyone now seems upset and I'm in the middle supposed to confront people and work things out. I do hate arguing, and that is the only thing we would do.

The homestudy turned absolutely great, I was really surprised we are seen as such nice people, but these little things just keep bitter taste for everyone included. And the solution could have been so simple: give us an option to go to the sw's office, or don't charge families if you don't have any to give us such an option !!

People like us are adopting a baby who has no mommy, daddy or a home and still, it's so hard to help someone these days.

We did pay the fees after all, and hope to put this behind, but we hope this will not happen again to us or anyone else.

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